(Group Ritual - Sept 24) ☕ Tea and Talk as a Coven

Warm greetings to all!

As the season passes and we celebrate the Equinox this week (Mabon for those in the Northern half of the world, and Ostara for those in the southern half)- how is everyone doing? :blush:

I know this is a busy time of year! But the busier it is, the more reasons there are to take some time out of your day to practice meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Your day will be smoother when approached with a calm mind and clear focus! :grin:

~ :sparkles:~Tea Time Together: Thursday, September 24th ~ :sparkles: ~

This group ritual is a tea meditation- an easy and beginner-friendly meditative practice to help you focus your mind and draw in your energies.

Although we are physicaly spread across the world, it is possible to come together when we share a cup and a quiet moment.

This Thursday, prepare your favorite mug and let’s meditate together! :raised_hands:

  1. To begin, choose your beverage! While tea is the standard, it is perfectly fine to do this meditation with coffee, juice, or even some very delicious seasonal hot chocolate :chocolate_bar:

  2. Find a quiet place to cultivate a quiet mind. Find somewhere where you can let go of outside disturbances, and focus on the here and now- just your breath and the cup in your hands :tea:

  3. Focus your intent. You may choose to pursue any style or type of meditation you choose. For this week’s group ritual, I suggest focusing on the changing seasons and cycle of change through the Goddess Persephone.

“Persephone is the Greek Goddess of Nature’s renewal, vegetation and flowers. But she is also the Queen of the Underworld, guardian of the secrets of the dead.”

[From the Spells8 Persephone Devotional]

  1. Say an Optional Chant or Prayer. Words have incredible power. To help focus and materialize your wishes, you may choose to put them into words. Here is a chant as part of Persephone’s Chant for Rebirth and Renewal:

Let my actions, words, and thoughts,
Become a hymn of praise to you,
Goddess of renewal, vegetation, flowers,
Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Help me, O Goddess, to let my old self die,
Let me reborn and begin again every morning,
To do what matters the most today.
To make today the most beautiful day.

  • Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation. With a clear mind, increased focus, boost of positivty (and caffiene!) you are ready to go about the rest of your day or night with a new frame of mind :raised_hands:

When your cup is empty but your heart is full, welcome back! :heart:

Feel free to share any pictures, thoughts, and experiences you had during your tea time.

  • What tea/coffee/beverage did you enjoy?
  • How did your tea meditation go?
  • Did you have any realizations or interesting insights?
  • How are you feeling today?

As always, I greatly look forward to a moment of meditation, a warm cup of tea, and the lovely post-discussion with all of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have a blessed week- and see you all Thursday!

Love and Light :heart:


I look forward to this week’s tea time and I have a lot to be thankful for this week. What are the chances that 20 minutes before I went in for surgery, I was all prepped, just waiting to go in, I had gotten a text from a wonderful friend that we had fallen away from each other in May. It was an apology text and we talked on the phone after my surgery like we didn’t skip a beat. I am so grateful for the friends that I call family and that we have it all worked out. I have missed her and we have the same EDS and Fibromyalgia diagnoses, she also has Lupus. It’s awesome to have a friend going through such similar experiences because they get what it is that’s happening to you in a different kind of way. I will have tea time update on how that continues to go as the week goes on. I look forward to talking to everyone again.


Sometimes life surprises us with happy coincidences! Either that, or you and your friend are connected on a very special level!!

Looking forward to Tea Thursday @TheTravelWitch!! I still have lots of lavender sitting around so lavender tea it shall be!!


Looks like you’ve chosen another beautiful chant to go with our tea this week. Looking forward to it!


That’s wonderful to hear you reconnected with an old friend, @krissie117! And at such an essential time too, what a wonderful occurance :blush: I’m looking forward to your tea time update and thoughts :two_hearts:

Hooray for lavender tea, @Francisco! :purple_heart: A perfect and relaxing cup- I hope you enjoy it!

I’m so happy you like the chant, @kasie- it seemed to fit perfectly with the equinox this week and the changing of the seasons! :grin:


Thank you, I have recently reconnected with 2 friends and it’s been a blessing in my life. I feel better knowing that there are people that will own up to what happened and we can talk about it without judgement and move on like it was a normal conversation. I’m so happy to have them back in my life.

I look forward to Tea Time also this week. I don’t have any appointments that day either. One today and one on Friday.


Good morning, good morning! Hope this Thursday has found everyone doing well! :grin:

Had a bit of a late start today so the sun was already up and shining while I had my tea :sun_with_face:

With my Mabon celebrations wrapped up, I put away my Mabon Altar last night, so as I sipped my tea and watched the sun rise in the sky I thought a lot about the fact that we are really in a new season now- summer is fading fast :wave:

We are moving into the darker months and coming closer to Samhain- the next holiday and “Witches’ New Year”. As I said the chant for Persephone this morning I tried to focus on the fact that each day really is a new start and a new chance.

Aside from a bunch of work projects- I’m not sure what else I should use my time for today. I usually stress a lot about work, school, chores, and don’t really plan my free time out in advance :laughing: But after this morning’s meditation, I want to use this day for something beyond my usual tasks.

Still not sure what that will be yet- but today is a treasure! Perhaps I will go on a little adventure or have a nice ritual bath :bathtub::sparkles:

Happy Thursday wishes and cheers to all of you- sending hugs and smiles to your tea time today! :hugs::heart:


I’m on the chai latte today. I really enjoyed the prayer to Persephone :heart: such a lovely idea and a great way to get me started with my rituals this afternoon.
@TheTravelWitch a ritual bath sounds like a great idea! Do you have some orange and mint? We could do the mint-basil switcheroo and compare tomorrow :joy::tangerine::leaves: Orange Attraction Bath- Highly Recommended! 🍊

Reading! :books: :heart_eyes:📖 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Books, Tomes, and Tales :joy:


Good afternoon, even so I am having coffee today, not tea. I have been waking up between 3:30 and 4:30AM because of my hand. I can’t post a picture of my mug because with my brace I can’t use my phone to type. It says Death Before Decaf. The perils of recovering from surgery. Next week I get my stitches out and then have another surgical consult for my piriformis and my hips. It’s never boring having EDS

I’m using this time to reflect on my day. It hasn’t been bad, it’s actually been pretty productive. I got so much done this morning just from my bed I amazed myself. Each day that goes by, I just know that I am making the right decision. I haven’t felt this sure of something in a long time. After my hearing with Social Security and once I get all of the back pay, I will be ending the relationship with my husband. It’s not an easy decision at all and he is a great man. I love him like my best friend. However, that’s where it ends. Friends. I’m not going to go into the gorey details, because there are some things that have happened in the past and continue to happen that I can no longer let my daughter think it’s okay to stay under those circumstances.

I’m looking forward to reading my book some more. I have it right beside my bed. I like to try and do a meditation and read some before I go to sleep.

I am going to start doing the legal blessings spell & continue to do it every other week until all of this is all over.

That’s about all I’ve got today. It was a good day for reflection and really making sure that I am making the right decisions going forward.


Did my tea ritual -black tea, honey and ginger. Meditated for 15 mins and asked to be blessed and have a blessed day as well as thanking for everything that I have, including my loved ones. I lit the Mabon
candle which I’ll probably be lighting the whole week.
Thank you,
Blessed be.


@krissie117 That’s so sad to hear about your relationship… But I am really proud that you’re doing it for your daughter. The only way to teach is by example. I wish you a smooth transition in this process :pray:

@Limeberry After watching the Social Dilemma on Netflix I’m trying to quit using my phone so much, and having a good book around helps a lot! :bookmark:


@krissie117, I’m sorry about your relationship Darlin. Wish I could do more to help you out. But I’m sure you’ll both let your daughter know that you still love her and you’ll make it through. I have faith in you.


I just got to enjoy my tea time, a little late but it was needed :slight_smile:

I found this meditation on YouTube, which was nice. I’m gonna be honest, I spaced pretty hard right in the middle, so I’m not sure how great it is lol.

I mixed my matcha blueberry with teavana youthberry. Both are nice, light, fruity flavors & it had a nice taste!

And using my serenity prayer mug, my mom constantly asks “did you break that mug yet?” as a running joke bc it came in a pair whoops

Anyway, I hope all is well with all of you. The little break from my day was much needed & now I’m ready to snuggle up & read!


Here we are again, another week of tea. I treasure these times, it makes me feel like such a part of the group. And I really liked the chant this week, it fits so well in with the holiday.

I had Spiced Chai tea tonight. I focused on how soon the leaves will change and eventually the trees will look dead. Fall is a beautiful time but the specter of death hangs over it. But if we didn’t lose the leaves, where would the new ones grow in the spring?

I’m feeling okay if just a bit tired. I went to have blood work at the doctor’s office and my sugar got low. I had something on me to help but it always leaves me feeling wiped out. But I’m better after a nap and on my way to reading my book.

Here’s my mug of the day:

Hope you all are a having a good night and a wonderful cup of tea!


Great tea-brew! I need better tea selection…


Love :heartpulse: the sunflowers! My favorite flower! Great tea as well!


Yes I agree! Beautiful chant!


Missed our tea time today, believe it or not I was quite lazy this afternoon and evening. But I did think of each of you and sent my positive vibes your way! I have to get some Chai tea, I have always wanted to try it. Any recommendations?
@kasie I love that mug!!! @Francisco I have heard of the Social Dilemma on Netflix and planned on watching it, is it good?
@walter What is the Mabon candle?
@krissie117 I am sorry for the ending of a relationship, but perhaps proud that you are strong in knowing when it is necessary. Seems its been something pondered for a bit. So while it is a sad moment, it possibly is a big step towards much more positive beginnings.
Hugs to you for being courageous and strong for both yourself and Peanut.
@Limeberry That is a beautiful mug!!!


@krissie117, follow your heart. I can only imagine it’s not easy! The light will always shine through! Sometimes the hardest choices in life are the right ones.
Blessed be


@tamera, meaning I bought a red candle for Mabon and been lighting it all week- see if I can finish burning it by Monday. Plan on doing a couple more rituals and spells on the weekend before Mabon ends.