Groups I Started for Witches

I am so happy about the 2 Facebook groups i started and would invite you to check them out. The 1st is Bewitched Blessings and its a safe space for witches to get to know each other & support & encourage each other as well as send cards and small gifts to spread love & light. It is growing and i am so pleased to be pursuing my dreams
The 2nd group called Broom Closet Blessings is to guide new witches still in the broom closet and mentor them to have the confidence to come out of the broom closetcwith confidence.

I invite you to check them out. Blessings, love, and light!


I’ll have to check out the first one! I’m not that far into the broom closet but I’d love to see your other one. I don’t chat much on Facebook, I save that for here, but if you don’t mind lurkers I’ll join!


Hi there, nice to meet you! :blush:

I’m not much for Facebook groups but I’m sure many people here would love to check them out. Thank you for sharing!


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