Guided meditation to the underworld

Recently as part of my initiation ritual for my new claiming my empress course we did a guided meditation that took us on a visit to the underworld where I met Hermes and also encountered one of my guides. I wasn’t fortunate enough to understand their name~it sounded like a guttural Garrrr sound like Garett and they were of a sinuous shape with rather elongated hands and they gave me a crescent shaped blade and told me to cut cords. I wish I knew more or could identify this guide. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts I’d love if you’d share! Blessed be


What an interesting meditation!

The moon has always played an important role in Egyptian religion, most commonly represented as a combination of the full-moon disk with the crescent moon :waxing_crescent_moon:

Ancient Egyptian deities

The equivalent of Hermes in Egyptian mythology is Thot, who was considered to have been the scribe of the underworld. That makes sense.

I think Garett could be Garuda, which is the eagle-faced personification of courage in Hinduism. There are historians who point to a link between India and Egypt.

And this article has an interesting association of Garuda with Horus, the Egyptian sky god.

Horus (left) Garuda (right)

If that resonates with you, try to incorporate the Eye of Horus to your practice.

eye of horus

Also, here’s a prayer to Horus which is to ask for strenght.

The other deity that comes to mind is Hathor, goddess of love and the wife of Horus. She was the symbolic mother of the pharaohs.

Hathor and Horus

More information on Hathor. I suggest that you do lots of reading and researching. There are so many possibilities!

Read about other underworld deities on Wikipedia.


What an exciting meditation, @AliceInWonderdab! :heart_eyes: Congrats to you on both your initiation and the journey to the underworld.

Francisco shared a very thorough exploration of potential meanings- it does seem like the Egyptian pantheon is calling your name! As for the crescent blade- my first thought is that this ties to moon magic, and cutting cords is obvious :+1:

Your spiritual guide may be encouraging you to do a cord-cutting spell when the moon enters its cresent phase! :crescent_moon: :scissors:


This is giving me all sorts of goosebumps I’m so excited to dig into all of this