Gypsy Soul here in LALA Land


After many many years of trying to pigeon-hole my ideologies I have finally found my calling and this feels as natural as breathing.

Looking around and seeing items that I have acquired over the years for no rhyme or reason, it appears that everything; down the rings I wear, all point to this and I cannot begin to describe the relief!!!

While I am a bit more mature than most here (based on the various threads) there are innate talents that each one of the participants have that others can and will benefit from. I can only aspire to be as wise as the crone since I am past being the maiden or even the goddess.

It is with fervent hope that the perceived silliness or awkwardness wanes; not just with the moon but with experience and I know that this too will come to pass with this forum and the instructor.

Thank you for helping me become what I am meant to be.



Welcome, @da1!! :wave:

Thanks for your wonderful introduction and for the wonderful lesson on impermanence.

In a retelling of the fable entitled “Solomon’s Seal” by the English poet Edward Fitzgerald, a sultan requests of King Solomon a sentence that would always be true in good times or bad; Solomon responds, “This too will pass away”.

I always loved that story, and the song with a similar name: All Things Must Pass by George Harrison.

It makes me happy that you feel relieved and comfortable in this Forum. Please feel free to share anything else with us, or use the forum to ask questions! I look forward to interacting with you! :smiley:


A very warm welcome to you, @da1 :heart:

I am glad to hear that you have finally found clarity and comfort with your calling! We are blessed to have you and all of your wisdom- you are very welcome here :two_hearts:

These words are both wise and uplifting- thank you for sharing your warm heart and gentle understanding! :pray:

Blessed Be to you- I look forward to talking with you more :sparkling_heart:

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:wave: Merry Meet @da1

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warm welcome @da1 :grinning:

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