Had to share

So like many I use the cards to look into the week. I have said I look at them like a forecast a way to prepare. My life is usually uneventful and that is usually reflected in the cards as well. I have a few stalker cards trying always to tell me things I likely don’t want to hear but we know each other they talk I don’t listen we have an arrangement. So when the tower falls on a Tuesday though I take note. Be cautious of the day keep a weather eye. Then in comes someone giving you a heads up they are moving on and it will be a very large change for quite some time. We talk they go and I write a post notation on that Tuesdays notes saying something along the lines of oh so that was the event. Interesting how things go.


I keep saying it- but what is it about Tuesdays that make them so chaotic!? You’re not alone here, Jim, there’s just something about Tuesday energy that likes to attract calamity :sweat_smile:

It’s Wednesday here in Europe now- I pray that your Tuesday wasn’t anything too drastic and that you are doing okay :pray::blush:


@Jim I feel like we just had a conversation about Tuesdays & their chaos lately. Yesterday was no different for me. It was like I had no time & the chaos & trying to settle was getting harder to do until the evening after dinner.

Now that it’s Wednesday, I’m happy that I made it through my Tuesday!


I find Tuesdays to be a bit crazy… that might just be because that is the day my mom always visits me :crazy_face:.


Even yesterday (Tuesday) was a bit too busy for me. Its something about that day of the week. I’m almost completely sort of sure about it. :rofl: