Halloween & All Saints day

Grand Rising and blessed be to each of you. I am so happy we get to celebrate our loved ones that has transcended into the invisible realm of the ancestors. I know for many years I was afraid of Halloween and I still get a little nervous when it comes around because when I was a little girl where I lived it was not safe to go outside for trick or treating and some people would dress up in the scariest custom and snatch kids on purpose and say “we were just playing” . That kind of trauma has stuck with me for many years.

I didn’t take my children trick or treating when they were small, I made up a tradition a fun house game for every Halloween I would buy 4 large bags of candy and play a trivia game with my kids for them to earn the candy and then we would sit back and watch Harry Potter. Does that sound like I deprived them of their childhood?

All Saints Day of course is new to me over the last 3 years. Creating a new tradition to honor my ancestors and pay my respects is becoming easier each year. I have an ancestor altar setup year round connecting with loved one is a blessing, we shouldn’t wait until they’re gone from the physical plane. Give them their flowers while they live. What was some of the things you guys did. I throw a Halloween party with family and friends.


Awesome pictures, @Intentional_Witch- it looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween party! :heart::blush:

It’s new to me too- I wasn’t familiar with All Saint’s Day until I moved to Poland! Here, it’s a huge event- everyone spends days going to the cemetery, cleaning the graves, buying candles and flowers, and then gathering on both All Saint’s Day (the 1st) and on All Soul’s Day (the 2nd) to light all the candles :candle:

Out of respect for my partner’s family I won’t show the pictures of their gravesites, but there are some beautiful pictures I found online that show the beauty and magic of the holiday:

During the day:

Picture from Key to Poland: All Saint’s Day History and Traditions

At night:

Picture from Spirited Travelers: Poland Remembers

It’s an amazing occasion that I feel like I was missing out on before- there’s something both beautiful and nostalgic about taking a special day or two out of the year for everyone of all religious paths and spiritualities (ASD is known as a Christain holiday here these days, but it has roots in the Polish pagan holiday Dziady) to honor their ancestors :headstone: :pray:

I’m glad you all had such a lovely holiday time, @Intentional_Witch- much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


Hello my dearest !:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:I hope everyone had lovely Halloween! Here couple pics from mine​:mage::ghost:


I have never seen such a out pouring of respect for those that have gone before us. :smiling_face_with_tear:


@Intentional_Witch I do not think you deprived your children - I believe you did what you felt was in their best interest and will continue to do so! I love the celebratory pictures and costumes, you look great!

@BryWisteria Those pictures are gorgeous! It’s like the day of the dead in Mexico celebrations!!! Such a beautiful tradition and celebration of life through death. I truly love that!

@M.BES look at your celebration and outfit, very Smooth Criminal-esque! It’s fabulous!

Happy New year Witches!!!


Thank you so much!! :mage::purple_heart: