Halloween Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

"I am thankful for the calm waters,

the moments of peace, tranquility,

and stillness. Today, I relax and

enjoy the moment, for there is

quite the adventure up ahead."

~ Shawn Fontaine

Have a great Halloween :jack_o_lantern::cat:
And a wicked Blue Moon! :large_blue_circle:


I know I just saw this today, I wasn’t in the forum much yesterday at all, but this describes my day yesterday! Always on point! Thank you!


I was also offline over the weekend as per usual- but what a lovely burst of positivity to find here now! Thanks so much for sharing your affirmations, @Christina4- I love reading them :two_hearts:

Hope you had a fantastic (and wicked! :laughing:) weekend as well!

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