Happy Birthday, Beloved Coven

When I first joined this coven it was when I was still confused whether witchcraft was really as evil as most main stream faiths claimed it to be. I had already done light magic by that point and saw that it’s not as harmful or malicious as others claimed it to be, thankfully the 2nd and current partner I have has never changed how he still views me as, although he did end up researching about Paganism too once I told him I already identified myself as one, to him even if my faith changed I still am the person he fell in love with unplanned and unexpected.

As my time here lingered on, I have realized I began a journey, one without a specified destination too, yet despite it I also learned that I do need to work on the Shadow aspect of myself too, even if it meant potentially enduring another wave of nightmares to mend that side could still likely need mending, for so long, I’d typically think of others first before myself that it became almost similar for me to have an inferiority complex. Selfishness isn’t a fault to a certain extent, it’s actually more human like to be or feel selfish too.

So thank you, coven, I. we may stumble on the road and may have different beliefs but if there’s one thing I’ve leaned even in my younger years it’s resilience and how to be open minded and respectful to others.

Hope you all have a blessed day,

In line with this post is this challenge:
🥳 Happy Birthday Dear Coven🥳


That’s awesome to have a supportive partner! I know how that feels to not be able to be yourself then finding someone that accepts everything about you. My husband & daughter are somewhat involved in my craft. They will make me things or help me with an aspect of my craft without judgment. It’s a great feeling. I’m very happy that you have that in your life & on your journey.


That’s beautiful :heart: I think you’ve got a keeper!!!

Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m so glad you are part of this family :relaxed::cherry_blossom:


Same @christina4 , It goes both ways for both parties, I was not expecting him either last year, it was right after I was finally checked out of the hospital due to Dengue. I just returned back to playing chess back then too for months that time. Hopefully, yes, if not I did tell him in the past its okay if he falls in love with another person, he’s still human too


@Siofra , At this point? I think he’d accept whatever path I’d take, granted I don’t end up hurting others in it too, he’ll probably be able to tell if my head’s somewhere else when playing with him too, I give up, I’m unable to hide secrets from him meanwhile to others in either campus schoolmates or classmates I’m seen as the quiet mysterious person when first met and there are times people suddenly tell me their past too, the zodiac sign really do sometimes have something to do with a person’s personality. Maybe it’s why an Atheist friend of mine who’s Leo, a Fire sign got along with me, a Scorpio, Water sign, it’s an odd duo, I know and most couldn’t fathom how is it I ended up being friends with an Atheist despite being Christian too back then, til now as a Pagan both of us are in friendly term, this one knows I switched faiths too in the present, was actually one of those I told early on about it too


Oh I love meeting other Scorpios! I understand all of that though. I have been drawn to the Aries sign with friends & my husband. I get along with some signs that I shouldn’t even be entertaining!

I am the quiet one too until I decide if you are people or not. I was that way in school almost the quiet & weird one. My friends used to say I was hippie chic… so the ones that know I’m witchy, are like… that makes sense. I like the hippie chic part, when I was first described that way, it made me smile ear to ear.


Wonderfully said :hearts:


@anne2 you have a wonderful way of words.

That’s so true, and should be embraced by many faiths, because it seems like an important lesson to learn. Thank you for being you and being here!

Blessed be!


I am so glad you have found security and confidence here in the coven, @anne2! Thank you for sharing your kindness, wisdom, and amazing knowledge with your coven family- we are blessed to have you! :hugs:

I’m glad your partner is loving and supportive of your practice. A witch is strong on their own, but having a secondary force to keep them going makes the journey all the more wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for this beautiful entry to this week’s challenge, Anne! Thanks so much for sharing your warm heart :heart: Many blessings back to you!