Happy Earth Day! 🌎

I know I’m a bit late, but I just wanted to take a minute and say Happy Earth Day to everyone here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s a profound truth @MeganB!

It’s cold today, we got snow :snowflake: so no chance of planting a tree :evergreen_tree: or outdoor celebrations :earth_americas: for me!


We definitely need the earth :earth_americas: & will provide us with what we need if we take of her! :heartpulse:


A blessed Earth Day! :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

I thought that this song would be appropriate to share for today!
Karliene - Mother Earth


I am getting Grounded :pentacle_tarot:, centered and balanced, so I went to home depot and I got some plants like veggies and herbs and in the morning I am going to plant them. I am so excited to rise up after my father died I will rise again and each day is anew. I am happy for him and I know he will reincarnate!

I will share with you after I am done watering them inn the morning! : I will be carrying my pendulum around so I can ask my plants weather or not they like where I put theme. Just to have a little fun with the spirit world around me! :pendulum: :fehu: :jeran: :iwaz:
Tonight I will light my Heckate Statue and burn some incense, and light a candle. I will ask spirit to help me with :ehwaz: :mannaz: My hope is that we grow together, and rise up into a higher collective. :spider_web:

:infinite_roots: Cute little story about my dog Roscoe; I was getting ready for the summer planting some newbies to my collection of plants for the garden, and I had about 8 Pots that were small. I potted them inn nice dirt that was organic, Seed Starters a nice light weight dirt mix blended for starting all types of seeds! I am really trying to nurture myself right know because I have been in survival mode. I was not lauphing at first but spirit has a way of communicating with me. Roscoe my dog accidently knocked over all the pots and seeds fell over and was spilt on the ground. I think I am being taught a lesson through plant spirit. I was not a happy camper. I have to admit I was upset at the fact I spent my time and it felt like a waste of time. Spirit and its medicinal properties are working! I feel more love now and even though the seeds spilt all over the place and I felt like a hot mess.I went outside today they are starting to grow all over the ground. I believe in plant medicine and know that plant medicine is speaking to me personally. I am laughing inside cause the negative forces are real and I believe plants are so magikal! The negative forces that are against me will not have any space in my house. I am blessing my home!
If I am persistent enough I will laugh my ass off that this negative force will not have no hold me! I am so happy there is growth and I am happy to wake up with my new garden! I thought I would share some of my thoughts and my journey with you! I will lay on the ground and let the warmth of the sun warm my soul! I just might grab one of my crystals and throw it in the garden to add another touch to bless my home!
I will give you a picture before I leave in the morning I am going to the beach in the Bay Area to catch some rays of light!! :beach_umbrella: :grin: :dog2:
:first_quarter_moon_with_face: :waxing_crescent_moon: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:
May the sun tomorrow warm your soul and may you be blessed!
Happy Earth Day!!! :earth_americas:



Dedicated to Earth Day
How can one sell or buy the sky or the warmth of the earth? The idea seems strange to us. Because neither the coolness of the air nor the clarity of the water belong to us. So how is it possible to buy them?
For Me, everything on this earth is sacred…

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What do you do when a part of you has died?
I bury my feet deep in the dirt, where they can hide.
What do you do when the tears start to flow?
I put them in bottles and use them, to make the flowers grow.
What do you do when the pain doesn’t go away?
I remind myself it’s another mountain I can climb.
What do you do when you feel lonely?
I fill my own heart, until it is no longer as heavy as stone.
What do you do when you can’t find your way out of the dark?
I talk to my shadow, and I reach for the stars.
What do you do to brighten your days?
I remember that nothing stays the same… and eventually the sun will come out to play.
Poem ~ Carolyn Williams


Thank you, Megan! :blue_heart: :green_heart: :blush:

We decided to go ahead and plant a few packets of seeds this weekend- we had picked out a few batches of mixed flowers that are supposed to be helpful for pollinators :honeybee: :butterfly: It’s a bit risky to plant this early, so hopefully the weather will behave! :smile:

Hope everyone had a lovely Earth Day! :earth_americas: :sparkles:

I love it! :dancer: :notes: :blush:

This is a perfect poem for the occasion- I really like this one! :pray::heart::sun:


I am going to copy and paste this and hold it to my heart :purple_heart:
Thank you :blush: for your wisdom!
Love :heart:


@Jeannie1 @TheTravelWitch_Bry I’m glad you like it!


@AIRAM :hugs: :two_hearts: