Happy New Year 🎉 Celebrate the New Year!

:tada: Happy New Year! :tada:

2021 is leaving. It is exiting the building (and good riddance, too!) and we are making room for 2022. However you celebrate, I wanted to give you all a few different activities and spells you can do. There’s even a breakdown of the numerology of the year 2022!

So, how are you celebrating? Leave your well wishes, you celebrations, traditions, and parties here in the comments!

Note: Any post made for the New Year outside of this post will be merged here so we can all celebrate together.

Learn why you might want to make moon water on New Years Eve and what it’s good for!

Give your home a good cleanse before doing any protection work. Clear out the old stagnant energy that 2021 has left hanging around and then invite in new things!

:star: House Cleansing Spellhttps://spells8.com/house-cleansing-spell/

Give your home a boost of protection as you enter the new year. This spell was originally created for a new home but it can easily be adapted for one you already have.

:star: Home Blessinghttps://spells8.com/house-blessing-prayer/

Invite good luck into your home (after you’ve cleansed) with this simple chant and cinnamon incense.

:star: Good Luck and Prosperityhttps://spells8.com/good-luck-cinnamon-spell/

Right before the clock strikes midnight, perform a banishing to remove unwanted things from your life!

:star: Banishing Spellshttps://spells8.com/banishing-spells/

Fancy some divination? I created a Year Ahead tarot spread a few years ago and have given it a refresh! All the information for that is on my website and it comes with a FREE booklet to help you keep track of your reading!

:star: Year Ahead Tarot and BookletNew Year Circle || A Tarot Spread for Clarity - 'Round the Cauldron

:confetti_ball: Numerology of the Year 2022 :confetti_ball:

This is going to be super quick and easy! Ready? Here’s the number for 2022.

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

Our numerology for the year 2022 is 6! Now, I know diddly squat about numerology so I had to do some digging for this information. What does the number 6 say for us in terms of the new year?

Year of taking care of others, responsibility and obligation. Expect more marriages this year and a focus on harmony. It’s a year of home, responsibility, family commitments, comfort, and concern for health. People are likely to band together to improve their communities. It’s also a year of expressing personal beliefs and ideals. [Astronumero.org]

It looks like it’ll be better than the 5 year we had in 2021, hopefully? I’m really liking that “focus on harmony” bit :laughing: What do you think? Will 2022 be better than 2021? Or is it all just a product of what we make it?

However you choose to recognize and celebrate the New Year, know that those of us here at Spells8 celebrate with you! We are (or at least I am…) just as ready to close the door on 2021 as the rest of you!


Thanks for giving me some great ideas for this weekend! Not sure what I’m doing yet but I’m sure I’ll do something. LOL. Hope everyone has a good New Year! :tada:


2021 had its great moments, but overall, it was a pretty rough year! Whatever happens in 2022, I pray that I will handle the tough times with ease and grace.
I think a cleansing of everything (sacred space, tools, myself) is in order.


Hooray for 2022! :partying_face: Thanks for sharing the great spell recommendations- those are all great ways to welcome in the new year :blush: And the bit about numerology is very interesting! A year of family, health, and expressing personal beliefs… I’m curious to see how it will all play out :sparkles::grinning:

Thanks so much for this awesome masterpost, @MeganB! And wishing the Infinite Roots Coven a very happy and blessed New Year! :sparkling_heart:


Me too :pray:t3: Hopefully all in good ways!

@Amethyst You’re welcome! I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve, too. Mostly so I can light things on fire :smiling_imp:

@Kasandra I definitely agree, a cleansing of everything is a great idea for a new year!


I’m looking forward to the New Year. I know that I am going to have to go through some changes as my family has changed because everyone is getting older & going through different phases of life.

I definitely want to do some kind of negativity clearing & attraction of positive energy. Nothing too specific, just an overall good year abundant with love & who doesn’t want a little prosperity to come their way? :rofl:


I haven’t been very active on the forum the past couple of weeks, but I just want to take a minute to wish everyone a happy new year :heart:

I haven’t been a member for so long, but I have learned (and am still learning) so much and I love this community. I just would like to express my gratitude for the beautiful people in this forum and for stumbling upon this witchy path that I enjoy every day.

Lots of love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy New Year!


I am going to use a few of the blessings you suggested. This will be a magical start to a new year.


Hi, & I hope you habe a fabulous New Year!

I hope that you don’t mind, I put your post in this topic to keep them together.

I’m happy to see you pop in today!


Happy New (secular) Year! :sparkles: :tada:


I spent the better part of today cleaning the carpet in my home and rearranging the living room furniture, giving everything a good dusting. Then I burned a sage bundle that was gifted to me by @Siofra :grin:. Now I’m sitting at our dining room table with my family writing our intentions, and release statements to fill our pinecones with. Then we will burn them in the fire pit .
This year was a doozy, much like 2020. Here’s to 2022 being a healing and abundant year. Happy New Years Infinite Roots! :dizzy:


I mostly just had a nice day of rest and relaxation with my loved ones. We do have a little ritual of going to the sauna when it’s still old year and coming back to the new year. Way before Christianity or hospitals were a thing in Finland saunas were seen as places of transformation in a very practical sense. People were born there, as there was warm water readily available, and when they died, that’s where their bodies were often kept until they could be buried. What better place to say goodbye to the past year and welcome in the new one?

We also did a reading for the new year with a new oracle deck that I got just yesterday. It’s a Finnish deck named “Wild Power”, and it features archetypal elements, kinda like what you would find in a dream book. I feel very much in sync with this deck already.

What I need to leave behind: Scar - “Release the old pain. Don’t compare yourself to others. Let fade and soften. Everything lives. Everything dies.”

I do have a lot of past pain that I’ve been going through both in therapy and on my own with the help of shadow work. It’s been years now, but so many of what were open wounds in the soul have closed off and formed scars. No picking on them, just gentle touches now. Keeping in mind there are other things in life and not all of them bite.

What I’m going through right now: Upper Realms - “I am the home to the Spirits. You are union of earth, air, water and fire. Your soul knows the way. Head towards the Northern Star. Fly through the veil of clouds on your way. Speak with the wind. Breathe in light.”

My spiritual awakening, opening up to the Soul in me (or who is me) and also getting to know the Elements more closely, the elements that are in me too. Like recognises like. Flying through the veil of clouds, the chatter of the mind trying to make sense of what the soul already knows. My head might be in the clouds a lot, but it’s an important initiation and I’m giving it my all.

Where I’m heading towards: Campfire - “Call in the power of the elements. Show your passion. Feel the deliciousness of life. Let the beast out. Dance around the fire. The transformation has already begun.”

Indeed it has. My focus has been moving more and more towards the body, and looks like 2022 is taking me even closer to it. The thought of dancing around a campfire to the sound of a drum does feel enticing, awakening something old and primal in me. Maybe by letting my passion shine to the right people in my life it doesn’t have to be a solitary dance.


I did a lot of journaling today of what I was honestly feeling to some situations that have arisen, some more releasing from those, I talked to my father for the 3rd time this week. Talking to him this week reminded me of who I am, it was an abrupt exclamation from my father that stuck with me for a couple of days. Then by the 2nd phone call, I had a plan. The 3rd call, the plan has been implemented & I’have been releasing things that no longer serve me for about a week physically & spiritually I have found a niche for what works for me when I am doing things like making incense (Group Ritual/Weekly Challenge Entry) I also spent time alone today while members of my family were in their rooms or at the neighbor’s house. It was the first time in a long time that my brain wasn’t totally racing in a million directions & I actually was able to watch movies today.

I took the evening to rest & was able to ring in the New Year with my husband, daughter, & oldest son. My 2nd son is at his friend’s together tonight.

I hope everyone is having a safe, happy, & healthy New Year! :partying_face:


The clock struck midnight and everyone went to bed. I work tomorrow night and I stay up a bit later to switch my sleep schedule. Anyways off topic LoL I did a very nice white candle with Frankincense and Myrrh to give thanks to the Lord and Lady. I offered them a Blackberry Honey cake, recited a gratitude prayer from Spells8, and then just talked one on one with them for a bit. After I felt like I said my thanks I asked if I could read my New Year’s Affirmations to them. I finished with a Beautiful Gratitude Song that I found on InsightTimer.

Anyways, best start to a New Year ever. I have been learning my craft for three years now, but I feel like this is about to be the best year yet, and so many more to come.
Thank you all for the inspiration tonight. Blessed Be.


Thank you for the great info… Wish i was on here last night i would have loved to make some New year moon water as it sounds like powerful water…