Happy Saturday!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Saturday.

Apart from a headache and tiredness, I’m doing well after my Covid vaccine on Thursday. I was hugely impressed with the efficiency of the vaccination centre and very grateful to the volunteers for giving their time. And it’s brought a huge sense of relief that perhaps there’s light at the end of the tunnel for us all after this very difficult year.

It’s been a lovely day today with my husband and stepchildren. Took them out for pizza for lunch for the first time since December and it was nice spending time as a family.

Made a slightly rash decision when I got home (I blame lunch time prosecco and a passionfruit martini) to cut my hair. Needed a trim desperately and really didn’t fancy spending the fortune on a haircut which is the standard in this area, getting the coven symbol tattooed was more of a priority this month.

But I think it turned out OK…

So happy Saturday everyone. Blessed be :sparkles:


Your hair looks great! Very nice! I’m going out for a trim sometime this week before I get my eyes looked at on Friday. That way I won’t have hair in my eyes during the eye tests. LOL. Glad you had an easy jab. Sounds as if you’ve had a lovely day, I’m happy for you!


It turned out really good!!! I’m glad you spent time with the family!! Happy Saturday to you!!! :balloon:


Haha I just realized that where I’m at, it’s Sunday :laughing:


Looking good pretty lady :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: I do love the colour of your hair also, its a lovely blue :heartpulse:


Thanks it’s faded out a bit from its usual colour, so I put some lighter blue dye on that’s kind of given me silvery highlights. May put some green through it later :laughing:


It looks great! I hope you had a great Saturday also!


Thank you for this kind message to the Coven, Iris! I was lucky to go camping yesterday so I just saw this! I got a really nice view of the (almost) Full Moon and lots of stars! :camping:

I’m definitely a fan of cool hair so great pic!!! :smiley: :+1:


Looking gorgeous, Iris- I’m loving the new cut! :blue_heart: :sparkles: I’m so glad your vaccine went well and that you’re feeling good now :blush:

Thanks for checking in- hope you had a lovely weekend! Blessed be :infinite_roots: :two_hearts: