Has Anyone Tried Astral projection?

Astral Projection can be done by mediation or by near death experiences or sometimes in our sleep.


I’m not doing much traveling with covid19 around.

Seriously, no… I think it is fascinating to think about but it is way out of my skill level. I will love listening to the conversation you started though.


Not something I’ve ever tried personally, but I know a few others in the forum have looked into astral projection and other closely related aspects :dizzy:

@Francisco shared some great info and goes into detail about the difference between Astral Travel, Astral Projection, and Lucid Dream in his post in Do you astral travel?

@Christine4 shared a guided meditation for astral projection.

@Quadeera addresses the fine line between the realms of dreaming and astral travel in Dreams/astral projecting.

And @Oh_My_Wonderland opened a great discussion about traveling into and exploring a Collective Consciousness.

It is a fascinating topic- I agree with @Berta that I feel it’s a bit beyond my current focus, but I love hearing everyone’s experiences and thoughts about it :blush:

Thanks for opening up the discussion, @john4!


When I first became a Wiccan in 07 I did it, once, enough to know it is a real . I retired from the Army and had plenty in stocks to live on the dividends. The reason I bring it up is, I really had no worries.
So I tried Astral Projection after reading about it. I wouldn’t have known about it had I not become a Wiccan.
I settled in to my easy chair, darank some tea with chamomile and mugwart, did the breathing exercises, and found myself standing in my hallway. At the end of the hall was my computer. Suddenly I was in front of my computer. I couldn’t move the mouse or type on the keyboard. I had no hands. I couldn’t feel the chair I had no butt. I was able to see and hear though. Behind the house I was renting a neighbor started his lawnmower. You can’t hear the lawnmower at the front of the house where my body was. Then I tought to myself, I’m not here, Im in the front room. Then I was instantly in my body.
I immediately went to the back of the house and the neighbor was mowing his lawn.
So, I haven’t been able to do it since. I’m looking to experience that again only travel further. Just wondering if anyone else did it and has a better way.
After the stock market crashed in 08 I’ve had to go back to work and I can’t quiet my mind like I used to.


I enjoy astral travel and lucid dreaming. I listen to Theta Realms Brainwave State on YouTube. He’s great making music solely for journeying. I listen every night. I’m not saying it works every night but the first time I did, it was while listening to his channel. Keeping a dream journal is a great idea too. To prevent nightmares, I heard to drink water. That has prevented them so far.


Thanks for sharing those useful resources @TheTravelWitch_Bry! There was also this topic that had some useful information about naturally-occuring astral traveling: My 1st Astral Travel Podcast

I think it can happen spontaneously to anyone but it’s hard to provoke an astral travel experience without either lots of training or substances. Personally I managed to experience some amazing lucid dreams this year and that’s good enough for me.

@john4 Did you use any specific books when you had that experience?


I had a friend that was interested in this. Our magic was stronger when we were together. We tried twice but the best we could do was feeling like we were falling. :rofl::rofl::rofl: It’s so interesting others can do it and I’m extremely happy you’ve had those experiences.


@john4 No books! I’ve looked into more grounding and protection techniques along the way over the years. My best intell comes from meditation and prayer!


The book I read about Astral travel and used for my experiment was called Astral Voyages by Bruce Goldberg. He has an interesting theory about achieving an Out of Body experience.
Goldberg noted a Cave painting depicted a man tilted back at an angle yet standing erect (if you can picture that) next to him was a bird. An Egyptian hieroglyphic depicted the same message. Goldberg figured the bird is a symbol for flight of the soul. After all, shamans needed to find the herds of mammoth and bison.
When I was successful in bringing about an Out of Body Experience; I was in a reclining chair. I was thinking, if I could perfect the Experience it would be a great business. Create astral travel chambers and people could rent them to go on trips.
If we could perfect Astral travel we could all meet periodically. Once a week, meet at Trafalgar Square this week, the Eifel tower next week and the Brandenburg gate the week after, or maybe the Moon.
Soul transportation might even be able to make long space flight feasible. Humanity has to get off of Earth some day. Earth won’t remain habitable forever.


Astral travel in regards to “meeting” people at a set time is easily accomplished via Meditation.
Master the discipline that comes along with proper breathing techniques.
If one has the capability to dream, think, recall memory, reason with ones self, apply critical thinking… then he already has the tools to travel.
Our souls travel whether we want to go or not.
As humans we are to bogged down by day to day activities that we don’t even realize our soul nudging us and showing us a myriad of things.
We are always beings shown how to solve a problem. AS ABOVE SO BELOW

GUIDANCE IS ALWAYS GIVEN TO US​:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:
… AND REMEMBER :sunglasses:WE ALL ARE TRAVELING ALREADY :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:



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