Has anyone tried the Tarot major arcana meditations

Has anyone tried the Tarot Major Arcana Meditations, this is where you start with the fool and work your way back around to the world. It takes several weeks and the purpose is to unit the 22 archetypes of the tarot that represent the 22 parallel lives we each live simultaneously. Part of unity of the Ba Ra Ka as taught by mystery schools. I learned about it from Gaia channel on my Roku tv. I plan on starting this week myself


I’ve never heard of this before so I went and did some digging :thinking:

It looks like The Temple of Witchcraft (with Christopher Penzack) offers a full course like this. There aren’t any spaces available and it might not be running right now but I wanted to include the link → https://templeofwitchcraft.org/sagittarius/the-mystery-of-the-tarot/

Biddy Tarot also has something similar to this that you can buy for $44 → Soul Meditations - Biddy Tarot

I think I would definitely be interested in this process. I lost my connection with tarot a long time ago and only sometimes feel called to pull from those cards. I find myself using oracle cards and ogham now more than any other divination method.

Do you have a source you’re using?


Hi @Troy

I have tried this, but with only a few of the cards in the past. I’m in the process of doing it again… just started, only on the second card this time.


Yes the Gaia channel has a program Mystery teaching with Teresa Bullard. It’s comparable to Amazon prime in Canadian currency but the courses are awesome. Superhuman is an eye opener and has hands on courses available to teach clairvoyance and remote viewing as well as pk and blindfolded sight yes you read that right.



Thank you for the information. I don’t have a subscription to Gaia but it might be worth looking into eventually, especially if the information and programs are well researched and useful! :heart:

I’m aware of remote viewing but what is pk sight?