Have many herbs even common ones but still not enough?

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else has the same issue? So i have plenty of different herbs from rosemary, lavender, rose, marjoram, dill, wild rue and more, however i always notice when i want to do a spell i don’t have hardly any of the ingredients. Of course us witches are very flexible and creative, so i then look for another spell just to have the same issue again… I have a list of substitutes for exotic ones and even do my research for common ones too…
I guess what i am saying is i have been divided as to whether or not i should purchase this 50+ pack of common and uncommon herbs so i don’t have this problem… Its not much really just $50 but i am fretting what hubby will say as i already lavish in items for my craft… Any opinions or suggestions?


I cant really say a whole lot bc i have 104 at last count. Lol and i keep getting more. Hubby just rolls his eyes and has learned to just accept it. Besides hes the one who got me my cabinet. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I’m a big enabler, so you won’t catch me saying not to treat yourself to fun new herbs :joy:

Additionally, dried herbs (if properly dried and stored) aren’t going to go bad or rot- they may lose flavor over time, but taste isn’t as important if they are being used for magickal workings (as opposed to being cooked with).

If it’s a good price, contains the herbs you most often use/want, and you feel it will help you a lot with your spellwork, I say it’s a worthwhile investment! :raised_hands: :heart::herb:


Yep, especially when it comes to herbs, I’m a big ‘ol enabler like @BryWisteria :rofl:

I say buy the herbs and make a nice meal for the hubby using some of them…that’ll soften him up :wink:


I’m afraid I’m with the others here and can’t be on the “no don’t get it” side. I’ve lost count of how many herbs I have but as a green witch, it’s a bunch lol. I agree with @BryWisteria that is it’s a good price and has what you need then get it. And @Satu_TheGreenWitch has a great idea for bribing your husband. :wink::wink:


I won’t be an enabler here :laughing: but I do want to say that a lot of herbs that are called for in spells can actually be found in your local grocery store, Asian market, or botanica!


@Satu_TheGreenWitch and @Amaris_Bane - Welcome to team “Herbal Enablers” :sunglasses: :handshake: :green_heart: :joy:

@MeganB That’s a really good point! :grinning: Some stores offer spices at really discounted prices too- if you have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby, they carry dried herbs and spices for about a dollar a container. And bulk places like the Atlantic Spice Company (they have an outlet on Cape Cod, but likely ship elsewhere) sell for great prices- although the packages are pretty large :package:

When it comes to buying herbs, we’re blessed to have lots of fun choices! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :herb:


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