Having a hard time letting go of someone who really hurt me

Hello, I have recently been in a odd situationship with a guy. Often throughout our encounters he never really treated me well, this often lead to me doing somewhat of “love spells” on them… which I know is wrong and I don’t often do this. I feel as though this has backfired on me and I am the one it worked on instead.

Now that he is cutting me off I am very obsessed with the idea of getting his attention again or finding a way of karma for him. I am wondering if there is anything out there that can allow him to see the pain he has caused me without using harmful magic. (I already did a unbinding spell, which worked instantly). Though I am still majorly hurt.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


Relationship pain sucks.

What do you hope to accomplish by “allowing him to see the pain he has caused”?


Hello @BethanyCaroline,

I am so sorry to hear about the pain you’re feeling- relationship troubes can cut really deep, and the wounds can be brutal. Sending big hugs and lots of love to you :people_hugging: :heart:

Love spells sure can be tricky little buggers, most especially when cast on someone else- if he had any kind of protection, reflection, return to sender, or reversal work in place, then yes, I would say that the spells you sent out may have come back to you.

If this is indeed the case, then I would urge you to be extremely cautious about casting any karma spells because if the love spells were reflected, who can say whether or not the karma spells will be reflected in the exact same way? :thinking:

From another perspective, even if karma spells do go through successfully, what if they pick up on the love spells, where you were the original caster?

All in all, the karma spell seems like a very risky business at this point- but there may be another option! Do you currently work with any deities, @BethanyCaroline? In this particular case, it may be safer for you to contact a deity of karma and justice. From Their higher perspective, They will be able to see all rights and wrongs (even some that you may not be aware of) related to the situation and can offer justice exactly as it is needed :balance_scale: :sparkles:

Hecate is a Witch Goddess with strong ties to justice and judgment- here is a devotional to Her in case you are interested :old_key:

I wish you all the best with the situation and I hope that, whatever method you choose, that you can find your peace :pray::candle:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Hey there @BethanyCaroline :wave: It’s nice to see you around the forum again!

If I may play the other side of this, I would caution you against using more magic in this situation than you already have. You said that you did some love spells or love magic on this person because they didn’t treat you very well. You also said you’d like him to see the pain he has caused you. I’d ask the same question that @anon87969570 has asked – what is your ultimate goal here? Do you want to get him back? Do you want justice? Do you want to get even? Do you want him to learn from a mistake you think he made?

All of these questions can help guide us to a better answer for the situation. I think you should use caution with magic in this situation because what you’ve done in the past is already not working well. I think you should cleanse yourself of this situation, break any energetic ties you have to this person, call back your energy, and undo the spells you’ve already done.


I agree with @MeganB. And look, I have been there. I think so many of us have. You can’t make someone see something that they choose not to, and if he sees it and does nothing about it he wouldn’t be someone who would be healthy to be with anyway.

Cleanse, cut energy cords, release the energy you directed in those spells. If you want to use magick, use it to help yourself heal and grow.

I can almost hear your thoughts as you read this and I haven’t even finished typing it. It’s not what you were hoping to hear. I won’t use magick on your behalf because I know you must heal yourself - but I know that hurt too well, and offer my support.


Sweet BethanyCaroline,
It really sounds like you both inflicted pain upon one another. Revenge is a two-edged sword and you can only cut someone as much as you’re willing to be cut. Isn’t it time to stop?
“he never really treated me well, this often lead to me doing somewhat of “love spells” on them… which I know is wrong and I don’t often do this. I feel as though this has backfired on me and I am the one it worked on instead.”

I never cast love spells for that exact reason, what if you get exactly what you wanted? Honey, if he sees the pain he has caused, what if he doesn’t care? Wouldn’t that be worse?
Let it go sweets. There are a lot of guys who would try to move mountains for you. My suggestion is to throw back the minnow and fish for a trout!
Blessed be and be kinder to yourself.


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