Healing and positive healing energy 🌿

Okay, so I’ve been Mia- I’m still practicing my craft😆 BUT I recently discovered I come from a lineage of healers and shamans and have ancestors from Salem Massachusetts my 11th great grandmother was one, I don’t know if I had any ancestors burned during the witch trials but that’s why the quote “we are the granddaughters of the witches they couldn’t burn” sticks out to me so much.
ANYWAY- I have been practicing my healing abilities and I have helped so many people That I really want to help anyone on here who needs some extra good vibes or healing energy sent your way-

Blessed be :herb::sparkles:


That’s so nice of you. I don’t need healing right now but thank you!!


What an exciting discovery, @Misfitbabe! :star_struck: And wow, that is a really powerful quote :two_hearts:

Thank you so much for your kind offer and generous gift to the forum! The Energy Exchange Circle is a list of forum members who are currently seeking healing energy, so perhaps you could do a ritual or send out your good vibes to them? Just a suggestion- thanks again and blessed be! :sparkles:


It’s so great to hear that you’re making ancestral connections! I also have relations from the Salem Witch Trials, a member on both sides, actually! One accuser and one accused. Learning about our ancestors and our history is so interesting! I wanted to point something out real quick because it’s actually a common misconception!

No one was actually burned during the Salem Witch Trials. That’s a very common misconception, actually, and I believe it’s a holdover from the witch trials of Europe.

If you want to learn more about the Salem Witch Trials, I recommend the podcast Unobscured. Season one is a run-through of the entire situation, the events leading up to the accusations, and the political strife at the time. It’s all very interesting! It’s told in a story-telling way and references primary sources, too! Definitely recommend it if you want to learn more about your ancestors!

Screenshot from their website.


As for your healing abilities, that’s so amazing! The world needs more healing :revolving_hearts: You might want to check out the Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: Nov 7th that TheTravelWitch also shared.


Oh my gosh!! You are THE BEST!!:sob::sob::sob: thank you so so much. I will definitely be checking it out!! And I will join!!


Thank you! I will re check it out!:sparkles:


Reach out if you ever need some!:sun_with_face:


I think it could also be because that phrase is so powerful on its own merit!!

It has earned its own meaning and I feel it goes well beyond any blood lineage. It has been “appropriated” with cause. It will be interesting to see where the phrase goes from here.

Thanks for sharing! PS: the photo is by beatricepirate on Twitter


I hope you enjoy it! It’s very interesting and captivating. Plus I learned so much more than I had already known!