Healing for the fires

Today seems heavier then the last few days. With all of south shore lake Tahoe evacuated and the Dixie fire blown up again I sit in the middle of horrible devastation. I have breaks when the skies are clear and run outside to give thanks and recharge. I am feeling the need to step outside my solitary self and maybe ask for a group ritual or something group related. I remember being a part of one when Australia was being devastated and the rains started it was a beautiful thing to put myself in. Any thoughts?


I have no idea how to go about such things but I’d be up for it.


@amy3 - I, like Amethyst, am not sure where to start with this, but this is a subject that’s been on my mind. I have been sending loving energy and visualize The Star in tarot, but as far as a group thing, I don’t know how that works. I’m open to joining in, though! :hugs:


@Francisco or @TheTravelWitch may have a better idea how to engage us in a group thing for the fires & healing.

You could also ask about the Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: Aug 14th that is run by @praecog29 for assistance too!

I hope something here helps with your request!


@amy3 hi that sounds like a nice idea. Would be happy to join.


Amy, thank you for bringing this up. It is terrible and so frustrating. Let’s channel the energy towards clarity and healing. :pray:

No candle or incense necessary. Glass of water optional. Ring bell or play music.

Element of fire we put you out
We call upon your counterpart

Element of water we summon thee by ancient art
Let waters pour from the clouds

Pour down on the fires
Save the living from the blaze

Element of water we call you
Do your part
As we speak it
As we will it
So it be

This prayer was shared on social media (author unknown) when the Australia wildfires happened last year. Eventually the rains came, however there were floods so always visualize the consequences with detail and care.

Blessings from Oregon


@Francisco thank you, I will do this in the morning


Thank you for bringing this up, @amy3- I agree the fires are a truly devastating occurrence worthy of attention :pray: I replied to your PM about creating activities for the forum- please check your inbox for more details! :blush:

This is a beautiful spell- thanks for sharing it, Francisco! I’ve saved it to read later today. May the blessing of water reach all those in need :droplet: :pray:


I so so love this and beautifully fitting. Blessed be


I’ve had the areas affected by the fires on my prayer list but the spell @Francisco provided is beautiful. I’ll add this to my list to complete today in hopes of sending relief. As he mentioned, I’ll keep the consequences clear in my mind as to try and prevent flooding that can follow.