Heat activated spell satchel

This also came out of my Moody Moons newsletter for November. I feel like I’m going to make a few of these for my girls as well as to place in my shop.



OOOOO these are so cute! What an awesome idea! I can totally raid my Mum’s scrap material baggie! Well she’s always trying get me to join her more often when she’s sewing. Mind you mostly I’m always only allowed to help with the threading of her needles lol. Thank you xxx


Very nice, they remind of small versions of my rice pillows that I use for pain & discomfort! Perfect for handwarmers though if you are going to a parade or to play outside. Thank you for sharing!


Great idea! You could use this idea for many things! Put some in your closet and dresser drawers to keep your clothes smelling good. You could use some burlap or some Christmas print fabric and shape them as candy canes and Christmas bulbs, put little bows and jingle bells on them. You could fill them with cinnamon, anise, cloves, peppermint and use them for tree decorations, as well! And if you have a Christmas party or something your guests can take them off the tree as they leave as a party favor!


Nice! My hands are always cold. This is great!