Hedge witchery resources?

I’m new here and new to witchcraft. I have a question for anyone: in reading a lot about the different aspects of witchcraft and the many types or styles or whatever they are, i am feeling a draw to hedge witchery and shapeshifting and was wondering if anyone here knew of resources for learning more about those practices or anyone who does them?


Hi, I am not a hedge witch, but I did find this web site. It is probably something you have already seen, but if not - I hope it helps. Sounds like an interesting path. I wish you all the best.
Hedge Witch: How to Become the likeness of the Snake


I haven’t read it but I’ve heard from a couple of people that the book Hedge Witch is a good one. It’s a series of letters from one person to another about the Craft. It may give you some insight. Hope this helps!


I’m sure @Francisco or @TheTravelWitch_Bry will know a little bit more about the hedge witch. I personally haven’t heard of it, so I’m not even sure where you would look. I suppose a google search would turn up some things, but I’m not sure how many of those resources would be reliable. I hope you find what you are looking for! So far the @Amethyst & @berta have given you a good start!


It depends on what specific practices you’re talking about. In its modern conception, Hedge witchcraft is a very broad topic with no strict definition. It could be anything that has to do with the magic of plants and nature. For example, cooking, crafting a simple potion, or taking a cleansing bath with certain herbs.

On the other hand, you could be talking about shamanic practices like plant-induced trance states that help the practitioner communicate with certain spirits. It could be used for divination, for animistic work, ancestor work, healing, etc.

The book @Amethyst mentioned is a great resource, and the author (Rae Beth) also has a newer book on the subject of Hedge Craft: The Hedge Witch’s Way

To Fly By Night is another good book, which is a collection of essays by various authors.

If you’re interested in the historical and academic aspects of this traditional type of witchcraft, I suggest Cunning-Folk and Familiar Spirits: Shamanistic Visionary Traditions.

In short, Hedge craft can be as simple as connecting with the spirit of nature in solitary, or as complex as traveling across different realms.


THANK YOU @Francisco. I was so hoping you would have better guidance. Trying to figure this stuff out on the fly can be a challenge. I don’t like to ignore requests. I think questions like this are important. We all learn from the strings of responses. YOU ARE THE BEST! What would we do without you?


Thanks, everyone! I will look through these resources. I’m sure there will some helpful info in them.

And @Francisco yes, hedge witchery does seem to be a broad practice, i agree. In my case, i feel it would include both spiritual connection with nature and traveling other realms. I guess i’m trying to get a handle on things that have happened throughout my life, which i’m now starting to understand as otherworldly travel, and which have been mostly involuntary or accidental. Hoping to learn to gain more control of it and come to a deeper understanding.

Cheers, all!


“Riding the hedge” can be entering a heightened state, whether it’s a trance-like state or in a dream… I’ve had very intense dreams and that led me to explore lucid dreams and other states.

We recently had a conversation about that: Has Anyone Tried Astral projection?. There are a few more useful links in there that you should explore!

@berta Thanks for your kind comment! We all do the best we can! :laughing:


Great question, @AnUpsideUpWitch! Thanks for bringing it up- hedge witchery is a fascinating topic, and it looks like you’ve got some very helpful answers to get you started :blush:

I agree with Francisco- astral projection may be just what you are looking for in regards to spiritual travel :+1:

You may also want to look into lucid dreaming as well, as dream magick can also be considered part of hedge witchery and it involves both spiritual exploration and deeper travel.

To learn more about lucid dreaming, you can visit this discussion talking about astral travel vs. lucid dreaming, the previous challenge about Dream Magick, and this Lucid Dreaming App.

Good luck with your learning and please keep up updated on what you discover! :sparkles: