Hello ..any idea what this is?

i have a large round patch im my yard


Looks a lot like this one: Antennaria plantaginifolia also known as pussytoes.

Found it here: https://www.prairiemoon.com/antennaria-plantaginifolia-pussytoes

A member of the Aster family, Pussytoes are found across much of the eastern half of the continental United States: from Minnesota south to Texas, east to Florida and north to Maine. USDA Hardiness zones: 3-8. Other common names in use include Woman’s Tobacco and Plantain-leaved Pussytoes.

I recommend you to use the app PlantSnap, it lets you take a picture of it and compare to other plants to see what it is!

Ty for the reply and the app. Is this something I want to keep around or get rid of? i cannot find much information on it.


Pectoral, expectorant, hemostatic, astringent, for gastrointestinal and gynecological complaints, dysentery, toothache, cough, colds, fevers, inflammations, rattlesnakebites, after childbirth. - From the book CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants.

Also: The Cherokee used this plant to make a medicinal tea to check bowels. They also made an infusion to help aid digestion. - Source

Having said this, I’m not sure if that’s the exact one you have. You can check with the app, or get a book such as Culpeper’s Complete Herbal, or one more specific to your region.

It could also be Antennaria parvifolia, which looks very similar.


Blood medicine. Plant chewed with deer or sheep tallow as a blood purifier. - Source

Antirheumatic, antiinflammatory, blood purifier, for swellings, Ceremonial, witchcraft medicine, cold infusion of root taken for protection from witches. - From the book CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants.


Okay plant app for me!! I picked some purple wildflowers in the wood and spent hours pouring over my wildflower books and never found iy. This will come in handy!!

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That’s what I have found as well. Says is used in protection from witches. Hmmmm. It’s so pretty in my yard, would hate to have to cut it

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Don’t cut it! It will keep your home protected!

Usually when these old books say “protection from witches” they actually mean “protection from evil” because the word witchcraft in the past was mostly associated with evil practices (i.e. bad witches!).


Glad to har this…I find them pretty and did not want to cut them :slight_smile:


They will be beautiful!! I agree let them grow, kinda looks like a fairy circle

Here it is in full all by its lonesome in my yard it is aperfect little circle (they are closing for the night)

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It looks like a fairy ring! :white_circle:

"In Britain, fairy rings are known as hag tracks, in the belief that they are created by the dancing feet of witches.

Because fairies are associated with Magic, fairy rings have magical superstitions attached to them. It is said that if one stands in the center of a fairy ring under a full moon and makes a wish, the wish will come true. If one wishes to see and hear the fairies, who often are beyond the awareness of the five senses, one can run around a fairy ring nine times under a full moon.

Fairy rings are still associated with natural magic and are used by contemporary witches as sites for meetings and seasonal festivals." :sparkles:

– From The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca


WoW so interesting. Too bad we just had the full moon. I will try to remember this for the next one.

Do they just grow naturally or could it have been planted? Where I live is surrounded by woods (alot has been torn down to make condos :frowning: …) But in general the original homes are pretty old. To my knowledge my home is 50 yrs old


They are originally from the United States and Canada so they probably grew naturally. I think it’s preferrable to have native plants in your back yard than exotic clover or turf grass.

Pussytoes are also a host plant for American painted lady butterflies!


Wow it looks like a Fairy Ring! :heart_eyes: Very jealous, get wishing!


I rented the house in sept so never really noticed it, then this spring there they were. I boyfriend keeps telling me to cut them that they stupid there all alone but i keep telling him NO and now that I know what it is there is NOOOO WAYYYY I will cut them. I am just starting to explore witchcraft and wiccan. I am a newborn…lol ( at 49 yrs old). I just want to go dance around them naked at night now. Sure my neighbors will love that lololol


Very pretty :two_hearts: