Hello everyone! And happy early Yule lol! 🔮

November 29, 2020- Hello, my name is Carter, and I am so excited to be here and get to know everyone!!! I first started out as a closeted witch when I was living with my other grandmother on my moms side of the family, they were heavy Christian and so was I when I was living there. I’ve always felt a calling into the craft when I was younger. Right now I’m 15 years old and almost turning to 16. I live in the U.S., pa. Right now I’m still discovering my path and it seems like I’m learning new things every week!!! I’ve started practicing since last Midsummer and that was my first ever Sabbat Celebrated. I’m still a baby witch, 7 and a half months in (including this month). And I am so so excited to be here and learn more about the craft!! (Oh, and I’m Gay and male, and my pronouns are he/him lol, and also a Gemini!!) :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

Blessed Be Everyone!!! :hugs:


Merry Meet,
Carter I am so glad that you found a coven and somewhere you can learn and grow in the craft. It’s good for you, you were able to determine at your age what direction “You” want to go in . I envy you, Know days it’s easier before internet it was very difficult to find a place to share your thoughts.
You will find out soon enough that this is a safe place to ask questions and find answers. there are many people here to get insight on the craft!

I wish I would have came to the craft long ago! I have only been studying for a year now. I grew up in a catholic family and went through my own personal journey through the lens of Christianity, but know I know the signs were there the whole time! I worked with the tarot long ago when I was younger and didn’t know it was tarot then a friend of mine did a reading a soon I found that I had a couple good friends that were like minded and helped me find my way. I just always had people telling me how to think! It’s my own personal journey and I am the driver !
I can manifest what I want in my life!
I am happy doing what makes me happy :smiley:
I am glad to help with somethings, I’m still learning too so Happy Beaver Moon and look forward to to seeing you on the forum!
Try the classes for self initiation, the devotions and meditations. Congratulations on your first Sabbat!
Blessed be


Merry Meet, Carter!
How wonderful that you found your way here. I wish I had been brave and embraced all this years ago. I am still a baby witch and I am 68 years old!!! Think how much you will know by the time you are my age! LOL…
PA isn’t far… I’m in OH.
You found a great coven. @Francisco, @SilverBear, @TheTravelWitch, @Kasie, @christina4, @Limeberry, @John4… and I shouldn’t have started this list because I know I am going to forget someone… ANYWAY everyone here will guide you wonderfully. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE TUTORIALS and DO THE QUIZES… I know that sounds like homework -and it is- but you will love it. If you haven’t started a Book of Shadows there are tons of resources here.
Blessings sweet girl. Visit often so we can get to know you.


Hiya @Carter! Greetings from London, England! Welcome to the forum, It’s wonderful to have you here! Please do get involved in anything which takes your fancy and feel free to ask questions- we’re always happy to help! I look forward to hearing more from you soon :heart:


Welcome! You can discover your path at any age! I know witches of many ages. All that matters is what’s in your heart. And intention :wink: glad to have you here with us all,. You’ll love it! We’re close, I’m in NY. Have a blessed day!


Welcome back, Carter, sorry I couldn’t help myself with the T.V., sitcom joke. But for real, welcome to the forum, I hope that you will find this forum exciting, informative, creative, and fun, as I do. Hope to see you around so feel free to comment and support one another okay, enjoy your stay :metal:t5:


So good to have you here. Welcome to the bunch.


Merry Meet @Carter, I’m Kasie from West Virginia. Welcome to the forum. Have you gone through the Wicca Self-Initiation Course yet? It’s a good place to start. And feel free to jump into any of our Activities. There’s a crystal challenge going now, a divination challenge, a bath challenge and it’s the Full Moon tomorrow so there are loads to do.

I look forward to getting to chat with you! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Blessed Be!


Don’t forget to list yourself, @berta! You are appreciated too! :hugs:


hello and Happy Beaver Moon too!!! Thank you so so much for welcoming me to this coven, I’ve been trying to find the right coven for me because sometimes I feel lonely in my craft and wishing I had people to go to. But now I do and I’m so excited to start to get to know everyone!!!


@carter Merry Meet!!! Welcome home. I am new also but coming from prior knowledge of the craft when I started this journey at 19 years old. I am now 52 and coming back to it. I just finished the self-initiation classes and will be doing my self dedication tomorrow night. I am also a Gemini!!! I have found that is a wonderful bunch of people to align yourself with. They have been so welcoming and full of answers for me and my dumb noob questions. :wink:


Welcome to the Spells8 forum! I’m Krissie and I am from Cape Cod, USA. If you have any questions any one of the very nice and welcoming people here will find an answer for you. The people here are the best and very helpful and supportive. I look forward to speaking with you going forward!

Blessed Be


A very warm welcome to you, @Carter! :heart_decoration:

We are blessed to have you join us- make yourself at home here in the forums! Kasie shared some helpful links- please feel free to check out the weekly challenge, Thursday group ritual, and many other events and fun things that happen around here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is a pleasure to meet you, blessed be! :sparkling_heart: