Hello everyone!

Hello Loves, I miss you all I have not been in here lately because I’ve been really busy lately. I’m overwhelmed with Excitement. I started my own Company, my meditation business is taking off, and I am now a Certified Crystal Healer. Yayyyy!!! So that’s what I’ve been up to. Are you guys prepared or getting prepared for the Blue Moon?


Congratulations on your business success, Kiewandra!! :clap: :clap:

Do you have a website? We’d love to see it!

We’ve been busy too! Writing spells as you can see here: 🐝 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Spell-ing Bee (Be warned: looong topic) :smiley:

The Blue Moon will be great! An Esbat (Full Moon celebration) on the same day of a Sabbat (Samhain 2020)!! I think it will be a very powerful day and night for any kind of ritual, decision-making, relationship or new endeavor.

I will try to have a bonfire that night if the weather permits, and celebrate with my wife as I do for most sabbats.


Welcome back, @MelaninWitch :heart:

Wow, that is so exciting- a huge congrats to you on your new company! :raised_hands::confetti_ball::two_hearts: And you are a certified crystal healer as well- that is really cool. You’ve been busy! :grin:

We’ve got a new challenge that started yesterday and are having a group tea time ritual today- you are warmly invited to join :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I’m still not sure exactly what I’ll be doing for the Blue Moon, but am working on designing a bath ritual (and eating lots of candy for Halloween! :joy::candy:)

Glad to hear you are doing well! Blessed be :heart:


Wow. Your own company. What do you do> Is it just meditation or healing or what. I’d love to hear more. Good job!


Hello Francisco, thank you so much and Im excited for this Full/Blue Moon.

That’s my website I know it’s kinda long gonna work on that soon.


I provide Meditation sessions, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing. I also started a DBA to my Business where I’ll be going to different schools teaching children Mindfulness meditation.


Very cool! I wish you lots of luck! :hugs:

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The site looks great! And whoa you beautiful! :slight_smile: I’m so happy for you starting your business.


I was impressed with your site! Congratulations, wishing you success! Love and light!


Thank You so Much Love and thanks for checking out my Website. I’m still working on it


@MelaninWitch How exciting! Things seem to be up for you! Congrats on your success and company!