Hello fellow witches!

Hello and Blessed Be, fellow witches!

My name is Samantha and I am from around Buffalo New York.

I have always known that I was a witch but never thought to have called myself one until I think my 3rd trip to Salem Massachusetts which was I think in 2018 and I’ve really just started to embrace it since I moved in with my girlfriend of 3 years. So I would definitely label myself as a baby witch.

I stumbled upon this forum looking for ways to expand my power as a witch and a woman.

I am here to not only learn but to become closer friends with some other witches as it’s getting a little lonely being the only witch I know.

Long story short, I’m ecxited to be in a path to learn and I’m excited to get to know all of you! :blush:


Pleasure to meet you Samantha, this is a great community! Welcome. You’ll find many valuable resources on here.

Blessed be


Hi! I’m from Cape Cod & have been to Salem, MA a couple of times. I love it there.

Check out the Merry Meet Monday- Forum News! April 19th :rosette: for the general happenings in the forums. & we have the :place_of_worship: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - All About Altars! this week too!

Everyone here is very helpful, so if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask & someone will get back to you as soon as they can!

I have 3 children from 22 to 12 years old & my husband & 2 dogs. My witchy space is my bedroom right now. We are making me a craft room downstairs & I will designate a section of that to this craft as well.

I look forward to speaking with again! Have a great day! :star2:


Hello and welcome
It is so lovely to meet you, I am freya and I am living in a little city called Hull In England and I am very excited to talk to you further and learn from you.


Freya xx


Merry Meet,
I am so excited to meet you, & welcome to the coven, Samantha. I am from Sacramento, I believe that I am considered a baby which!. But with every cell of my body, I embody being a witch in my practice. My true nature and motivation are to be a healer in this world to myself and my coven! Like the hermit, I would like to shine :sparkles: my lite onto the world.
I am happy to know a witch from New York! I have never been to Salem but someday id like to travel✈️

I can not wait to get to know you! You can always count on the coven for Questions or Answers or just some witchy information! In love :heart: With the daily prayers and meditations and classes, they offer! If you have any questions you can meet us on the forum!
Blessed be​:sparkles::hibiscus:


Merry Meet, I’m feeling the same
Being the only witch in my area
I often wish for like minded witches just to bounce ideas on a magickal subject around
I’m from Queensland, Australia


Welcome to the Coven :heartpulse: I’m Lisa, an eclectic Witch and Norse pagan from Scotland, also very new :slight_smile: I stumbled into this community the same way you did, looking to expand my knowledge and connect with other witches and I’m so glad I did :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There are amazing courses on the web page to help you find your path and practices and weekly challenges that help us all bond and learn together (participation is solely based on you and what you want) I look forward to learning with you :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Hello Miss Samantha, I originally came from Ellicottville!
You’re going to like this site. The people are wonderful,! They’re an excellent source of knowledge and best of all? There is no criticism or judgement. We have all been there and done that, and will NOT do it to another. So accept our sincere bright blessings and welcome.


Welcome and I’m from New York, too!!! I’ve been to Buffalo before. It’s nice there!!! Oh, I’m Christina and nice to meet you!!! If you ever need anything, just let me or anyone else know.
Blessed be :pray:


Hi Samantha! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia! Welcome to the coven!

I second the fact that you should keep an eye out on @TheTravelWitch’s Merry Meet Monday posts, it’s a great way to find out what’s going on in the forum for both Activities, and just with your fellow coven members. Then there are the great Courses this community has. It’s really fun!

I’m solitary here too, and it does get lonely, but this group has really given me the connections I was wanting, and I hope it does that for you too! Welcome to The Infinite Roots Coven. :deciduous_tree: :infinity: I hope you like it here!


Merry Meet from Massena, NY! I live about 4 hrs north of you. I am also fairly new on my spiritual journey. Blessed be


Welcome Miss Elizabeth, if I have not addressed you before, warmest wishes.


Blessings! Its so nice to meet you!


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Merry meet @Samrych97 Samantha!

Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven- we are blessed to have you join us :blush:

Although I live in Europe now, I grew up in Massachusetts and spent a bit of Salem. I agree- it is a very magickal place! :grin: I’m happy your travels there helped you to begin your magickal journey :railway_track:

Others have shared some great resources and links- please make yourself at home as you explore the site! You are very welcome to join in on the Forum Activities. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Looking forward to talking with you more soon. Blessed be! :sparkles: