Hello from a Southern Witch!

Late night stumble upon this site! I flew through the initiation course as I have been practicing on my own for 20 years now(I just turned 31).

While this is a Wiccan group, and I did start out purely Wiccan, I am definitely an eclectic witch and solitary practitioner.

I am excited to see what this group is like and what I can learn from you all!



Welcome! Its a great site and everyone is great! I’m fairly new and I’ve only been practicing Wiccan about 5 months now. I would say I fit into the Eclectic witch category as well.
Pleasure to meet you.
Blessed be


Welcome @katherine7 So glad you found your way here. This is a great place to further your knowledge and pass some of your wisdom along as well.
Blessed Be,


A very merry meet to you, @katherine7 (Kat)! :heart:

Welcome to the forums! :blush: Yes, a lot of the materials are designed around Wicca, but can be adapted and used by those of us following all different paths. I’m certainly an eclectic witch too, as are many of those here from all over the world :world_map:

Wow, you’ve been practicing for a long time! :star_struck: I would love to hear your story- what drew you to the practice, and are there any aspects you consider to be your favorite?

Make yourself at home in the forums! If you have any tips, thoughts, questions, or anything at all you’d like to share, feel free to jump in on any topics or make a new discussion :grin:. I also warmly invite you to join the Current Challenge and weekly group tea ritual (every Thursday!) :two_hearts:

It is a pleasure to meet you, Kat- can’t wait to talk with you more soon! :heart:


Merry Meet @katherine7! Nice to talk to you! This is a great group to share what you’ve learned with and to ask questions. I’m looking forward to talking with you!


Merry Meet, Kat!! :wave:

I hope you will learn a lot here! Feel free to explore the Forum and comment on any topic you like!

We’ll be here in case you have any questions regarding the lessons on Spells8

Blessed Be! :pray:


Welcome to the Forum @katherine7!
It’s great to have you here!

You’ve come to the right place- this group is awesome!
I’m looking forward to learning from you too! :heart:


Welcome! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: this site is full of so much information and amazing people!