Hello from Australia

Hello all! I’m so glad to be here; my name is Max, I’m 20 years old and although I’ve been interested in the craft for around a year now, it’s only recently I’ve decided to become more serious about it.

I live in the city of Adelaide in South Aus. There’s not much around here relating to the craft in terms of physical locations, so this forum I imagine will be a blessing.

I’m still beginning in my journey, so please forgive me if I’m unsure of correct terminology and such.

Otherwise, I am someone who loves drawing (both traditional and digital), listening to music and learning guitar, and hanging out with friends, socialising and helping people out. I’m interested in a course in social work currently.

Again, I am glad to be here, and hope I can become an active member :smiley: :grin:


Hi @max! I’m Kasie from West Virginia over in the States! Welcome to the forum! We have several other Aussies in the coven, they’ll most likely pop up and say hi too. We also have several Art Witches who do lovely bits of drawing and crafting so you should feel right at home.

The best way to be active is just jumping right in. @TheTravelWitch does a wonderful newspaper-like post called Merry Meet Monday - Forum News, where you can catch up with that the group is going.

Tomorrow, for instance, is our group tea. That’s a nice easy way to get started as it doesn’t have to be a special time, just when you get a chance to meditate with your cup of tea and tell us what’s going on with you.

We also have the Courses available to you so if you’re not sure of the terminology or something you can research there, or just ask. Someone will pop up and try to help out.

I look forward to getting to know you and seeing you around the forum! :hugs:


Welcome, Max! My name is Ben. I’m from the United States. (I saw liked your post earlier but it was only 3 or 4am here so I fell asleep. :sweat_smile:) I’m sure you will find this place both welcoming and supportive of you during your witchy journey.

As kasie already mentioned, the best ways to learn and to get involved are through the courses she linked to and the Merry Meet Monday’s. The only thing I would add is our Witchy Wiki Resources . It links to many of the resources that have been recommended over the years. :slight_smile:


Good morning from Cape Cod, MA in the United States! I am Krissie and @Amethyst & @praecog29 did a great job with their introductions, I’m not sure what to say. The weekly challenge just started and it’s to do with the stars. They are a lot of fun and at the end you get a new title to choose from next to your name. If you would like to participate in this week’s challenge or just see what it’s about the topic for this one is Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Star Magick. Then at the end you there will be a Props & Presents post for that one.

I hope you enjoy the courses. I like to go to the Daily Ritual part of the site in the mornings. At the end you can click on the tarot card and one of the major arcana will appear for you.

As stated before, if you have any recipes, witchy wisdom, or questions feel free to ask in the forum and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. We have very helpful and supportive witches here. Feel free to join in any conversation as well.

I hope you have a great day, I look forward to speaking with you more in the forum!


Merry meet @max, welcome to the group. :slightly_smiling_face:


Merry meet! I’m addicted to tv shows set in Australia and am so excited to meet you! Blessed be


@max Merry Meet!! I am glad to see that you are following your path. Feel free to post questions on the Forum - No matter how n00bish it may sound :nerd_face:. There is a ton of information over the centuries and there is much knowledge and wisdom spread out amongst us and that includes you.

Welcome to the circle. I look forward to seeing you around!

Brightest of Blessings!


Hi Max! I’m Stephanie, but you can call me Steph. I’m from West Virginia in the United States like @kaise!
It’s nice to read that you’re interested in drawing as well. :grin: I think you’ll find everything you need right here. If not, feel free to ask any of us questions. Hope to see you around the forum.
Have a blessed Wednesday! :sparkles:


Hi Max
My name is Jeannie and I am from Sacramto. I am 39 years old and a mother of two. I recently came to spells 8 and been here since October. I am pretty serious about my craft too. It is very nice to meet u! :grinning:

Adelaide is South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital. Its ring of parkland on the River Torrens is home to renowned museums such as the Art Gallery of South Australia, displaying expansive collections including noted Indigenous art, and the South Australian Museum, devoted to natural history. The city’s Adelaide Festival is an annual international arts gathering with spin-offs including fringe and film events.- The Global Herald

Looks like a very interesting place to live, I would like to try to visit someday and check out the museums. It looks like art is valued there and in the craft it is valued as well. Sounds to me that you found yourself a home here at spells 8. We value arts and crafts and artistic people like yourself.
I am glad that you found spells 8 you are going to have fun and I will see you on the forum and we can get to know each other as we travel this journey together in kinship.
I am very glad to have an opportunity to meet other people from around the country because it gives us diversity which I can appreciate.
My husband likes to play guitar, maybe you can incorporate some chants or something with your guitar. Hec just have fun and enjoy!
blessed be


A very warm welcome to you, @max! :heart:

Adding my voice to others here, it is a pleasure to meet you :blush: It is always wonderful to meet another creative soul! Do you consider yourself an art witch? :art: :sparkles:

I hope you’ve been enjoying the forum so far. Others have kindly shared some helpful links- if you have any questions as you explore, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon. Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Hello from a fellow Aussie. :sunglasses:
I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


Hello from New Zealand! Love seeing other southern hemisphere members!!


Please to meet you . Welcome to the community. So glad to have you here. It’s a great place to learn .

Blessed be