Hello from Az - needing a coven

Hi everyone! I’ve been practicing off and on during my lifetime. It has been over a decade since I’ve been in a coven and I miss the community. I come from a family that doesn’t believe in anything other than the King James Bible, so this has always been something I haven’t been able to share. I feel a lot of uncertainty and fear in my life right now because my husband and I are dealing with court issues surrounding his son and they’ve become serious as his son’s mother has been controlling ad making serious false accusations against my husband. I feel like we need more protection than what personal energy I can muster up. I need all the help I can get.


Hi @Love_and_light! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I hope I and the others can help you. We’ll sure try! I would start out with this prayer to Hecate for Justice.

Then there’s a spell to give you legal blessings to help win a court case.

Know that we are here for you, dear heart, and will support you if you let us. If you have any other questions or anything like that just speak out and someone will try to help you out. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Merry meet @Love_and_light,

Welcome to the forum- it’s a pleasure to meet you! :blush:

I’m sorry to hear about what you are going through with the court issues- if you’re looking for magick means to help the process, I second the spells that Amethyst kindly shared.

When it comes to protective spells, they are always a good option! Here is a collection of protective spellwork with plenty to choose from:

Protection Spell Collection

For some extra helping energy, perhaps you’d like to join the Energy Exchange Circle? It’s an energy exchange between coven members to help those in need :handshake: :infinite_roots:

Join the Spells8 Energy Exchange Circle
Spells8 Energy Exchange Circle

Know that you aren’t alone- your coven has your back, Shawna!

Sending love and light your way. Blessed be! :sparkles:


This is great! Thank you. I appreciate your recommendation. I’ll check out the exchange circle. I have a lot of personal energy, but I would like a warm group of brothers and sisters so I can form lasting relationships, and share positive energy.


Perfect! Thank you for the information. I really appreciate your help! Blessed be! :slight_smile:


Hello and Welcome Home :infinite_roots: Shawna

I am Marsha, an Eclectic Witch, from Colorado. I also have a Christian past. It’s lovely to meet you. I love your witchy name, @Love_and_light :heart: :dizzy: For many years, I would close messages and emails, etc., with “Love and Light”
I have sent you a private message with more info.

With love always,


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you, Marsha. Blessed be.


Welcome to the coven! We are so glad you are here! I’m Ailey from Georgia. I have been in your shoes with custody and court cases… oh my are they stressful! I hope you find everything you need here! If nothing else, love and support from the community!


Welcome, welcome, welcome!
I’ve been an Eclectic Solitary Practitioner since I began. I’m not real good with authority. I stand on the sideline of Spells8, lovingly welcomed and it pleases me to do so.
So many of us were indoctrinated since early childhood to the beliefs of our parents. Were they wrong? Absolutely not. They did the best they could. Let me compare it as, having learned the “alphabet”, but only from A-G. There’s a whole world of wonder out there if you add H-Z.
It’s all good here, your choices are yours. Ask questions, we love questions…
We’ve come together like a family…that doesn’t fight…
Stay and learn with us all and be at peace.
Blessings to you
Garnet - Magical Extrordinaire


You’re welcome, hon! I hope it helps you!


I’m happy to say you’ve found a good place for that :handshake: :infinite_roots:

Welcome home, @Love_and_light! :heart::blush:


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