Hello from Melbourne Australia

Hello All,

I just registered on the forums today. I saw some of the videos from Spells8 on YoutTube during my spiritual path and came across the website.

I registered today and am in the process of doing the 8 day self-initiation.

My story begins about 3 years ago. I think late 2018 to early 2019 (I only just started keeping a dairy as a Book or Mirrors, and should have done it back then!) when I was interested in learning more about Witchcraft and what it took to become a practitioner, though at the time I was mostly curious.

I’m not sure which website I got the information from, but what I do remember is that the path lead me to study meditation, law of attraction, manifestation and more recently divination over the previous 3 years.

What’s interesting is that I left the thought of Witchcraft behind me, as I started to grow my own herbs and fungi as a hobby. I even got an interest in entheogens and shamanism. I don’t want to discuss too much into that topic as I’m not sure on the age of all members here and the regulations imposed. But what I will say is that what I did notice when in such a trance of meditation, I was able to see what I believed to be the aura/ethereal substance/astral/dark energy of space within the air.

I have had objects in the room move and on one occasion, a spirit manifest itself to me where I have respectfully bowed down and not dared look at it further (it was like an arch angel figure, asking me if I was truly ready for what I was about to witness). I was not ready, but I knew this was the path I wanted to continue down.

So, I have read dozens of books now on the occult, magick, even symbolism of freemasonry and books on our Ancient Mysteries and the experience of death and rebirth.

I have self-hypnotised myself during one of my meditations over 2 hours and at that time, I was still very addicted to sitting on my PC on a daily basis and playing online games and not focusing enough time on my children and family. During this meditation, I astral travelled through a portal in my window, into another dimension where I was able to see hundreds of ‘suits’ for lack of better words, or ‘vessels’ of my own body, standing along a cylindrical hallway. Each body came with qualities and possibilities of removing negative things about myself that I wished to change.
I picked a suit that I thought I wanted, which was for me to become much more spiritual, to get off the computer and social networks, and to focus on my 2 beautiful girls and my wife to my fullest as a father.

This manifestation took 2 or 3 months to come to fruition. But, when it happened, it really happened. My need and addiction to computers which I have had since 1992 with my first PC at the age of 12 just suddenly vanished. I packed it up, I moved it into a little corner. The study which this computer was in - I pulled out the carpet and removed everything and all energies from that room. This room is still currently under construction, but I have already repainted all the base trims and the ceiling, I have ordered a specific wallpaper and timber flooring and this once study, is to become my meditation chamber.

It is interesting, that my journey over 3 years has taken full circle. From an initial interest in Witchcraft, straight back into wanting to now commit myself to Witchcraft. Perhaps Wicca, or perhaps I will take from Wicca what works for me into my own rituals.

With my interest in Egyptian freemasonry symbolism, for example, my meditation chamber is being designed a lot with the symbolism shown. For example, the room’s entrance is to the East and will have 2 pillars at its entrance with the black and white candles representing King Solomons pillars - Jachin and Boaz which are also so prominent in the Tarot (RWS Tarot). Some of the opening and closing ceremonies in the 3 degrees also resonate with me before commencing rituals and Calling the Quarters as an example.

The room will also have symbolism on the top half of the ceiling for the 12 astrology symbols and the greek planets/gods on the North and South edges of the room. The freemason rope that goes around a lodge and contains knots also for me, represents the eternal serpant chasing its tail - this, going around my room and connecting at each of the pillars of J&B represents for me a gateway as you enter the room, where you can work on your inner temple. The Western wall is where the altar will be.

Beyond that symbolism, the great Book of Hermes (Tarot) has re-ignited my interest in Magick, and for one reason or another, it is always Witchcraft and Wicca which seems to draw my main interest as I also have a keen interest in nature and our roots as Pagans. Nature and druidism/shamanism calls me more than temples and old men sitting around dinner tables in tuxedos, if you get my drift.

I believe Witchcraft and Wicca will allow me to practice what I desire the most and to experiment further with incarnations of spirits using specific rituals, herbs, fungi and trance inducing techniques to achieve the required vibrational frequencies and openness of the mind to drift between this physical reality and the other worlds.

Currently, and thanks to this ridiculous lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia - self-initiation and allowing myself to conduct a self-initiation ritual in devotion to the gods and spirits which connect with me most is my only path. Meaning, a solitary practitioner. But, I would like to hear from anyone who is in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne Australia, who may be seeking to form a coven or who already are in a coven accepting new members through proper face-to-face initiation. If you are one of those people here, please PM me. Obviously, we will need to wait for lockdowns and all these restrictions to end before we can meet indoors, but you know, ‘picnics’ are allowed within certain distances.

I look forward to being a part of your community here and sharing what I learn with you all and being actively involved here to learn from all of you and to ‘be’ an active member of what looks to be a good community of like minded individuals.


Hi @Temujin_Calidius my name is Khadija also know as Tanya (my birth name) from Sydney and welcome… Wow i could defiantly learn something from you since i am a baby witch and have just started out on my journey… Your spiritual experiences sound something of what a dream and i would be over the moon if i could get myself into such a state… I am sure you like it here on Spells8 since there is such a variety of different people to learn from and share with which has helped me start out… Since most of us are from all around the world just hang tight and sooner than later someone more experienced will message you… In terms of lockdowns i feel for you and i too am in lockdown as you may have heard which has given me the opportunity to discover myself… I am not sure about the any covens but i do know there are other people form Australia here on Spells8 and maybe they can inform you if there are any groups… :blush:


Thank you for the warm welcome Khadija.

I am definitely not experienced and am also a baby when it comes to the practice of the craft. My knowledge comes from books and not yet from physical practice. Though I will gladly share what I experience when I do put rituals into practice with what I experienced in the past to induce such a state of trance.

But just like divination, I believe what one sees and witnesses with his or her own eyes is up to interpretation by the practitioner him or herself.

Others on the outside will always claim that the trance state or the visions seen are but hallucinations induced by a practitioner of this kind. But those on the inside and in the know see it completely differently.

The esoteric is what I like the most.


Yes i also believe what we see ourselves will be a personal experience and not everyone will see or experience the same… Do you have any suggestions on books related to putting one’s self in a trace like state? I am at the moment exploring the option of being a empath myself as i believe i maybe one… I love reading so any general books that have been helpful to your knowledge would also be helpful for me to also add to my knowledge…


I haven’t got any specific books on how to achieve trance state. Though I have read many books which talk about the plant medicines that I have used to achieve such a state.

A book which could put you onto that path that I loved reading is called The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the origins of knowledge by Jeremy Narby.

Here is a review that made me get this book:

In this book are plant medicines and fungi that our ancient shamans have always used to delve deeper into the consciousness and the all of this universe. There are no specific techniques listed per-say and that would be your own path to take.


Thanks i will check out the vid


The witches ointment is precisely the same thing. Allowing a witch to travel by broom (to fly) to the Sabbath. Only the plants used there can also be dangerous and there is not enough literature to describe how much is a safe amount and what effects you can expect to achieve from such.

There is however, plenty of literature on other plants and fungi which are much safer and much more readily available. As in that book above :wink:


@Temujin_Calidius hello and welcome. I’m crystal from Ohio. I’m so happy you found your way here. There are a lot of resources and wonderful people here. Hope to chat soon.


Merry Meet @Temujin_Calidius and welcome to the forum! :blush:

Sending you blessings from Europe- I hope you can find some wonderful local folks to form or join a nearby coven. I know from the Location Post that there are members here from all over the world, and I know there are a few amazing souls in Australia (including the lovely @TheMuslimWitch)! :heart:

Sorry to hear about the lockdown, but it looks like you have found a light in dark times- I am wishing you all the best on your upcoming self-initiation ritual! :raised_hands:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here in the forum you will find many friendly like-minded folks who share your passion for learning and magick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi @Temujin_Calidius! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia here in the States. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

Keep an eye out on the Merry Meet Monday - Forum News post for this week, it’ll let you know all the activities we’ve got going if you’d like to join in! They’re fun and a great way to get to know people.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up to help you out! I look forward to getting to know you!


I just realised this resonates with me.

Here in this scene of Dr Strange it alludes to being given a tea containing a substance (like DMT) and being blasted into the multiverse. Dr Strange even asks if that tea contains mushrooms or LSD lol.

Anyway, that’s me and what states of consciousness I like to achieve in my practice as a Psychonautic or Shamanic Witch.