Hello from Portland, Oregon


I’m Susan and I’m 39 years old currently living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. I’m brand new to the site and to this world as a whole. I’ll be starting with the wonderful links provided on sign-up and can’t wait to learn more.

A little about me: I don’t have kids. I regularly use Cannabis. I have struggled with mental health (depression, anxiety, and ptsd). I play video games fairly regularly, enjoy hiking, sleep, self-care, and constantly having something in my Amazon cart.

I obviously don’t have everything figured out but that’s why I’m here! I’m an empath that feels what others feel very deeply. I’ve always felt a connection with nature and have a deep love for water - I am also a Pisces! I bought my first little crystal set just last week and have been learning basics. I don’t have an alter and have never done a spell because I want to have more knowledge before ignorantly practicing.

If anyone has any ultra beginner materials or resources that are not in the welcome email then please send those my way, especially if it’s something you wish you had when you were first getting started.

If you’re local and experienced I’d love to learn from you some day. I am so excited to have found this place!


Welcome @thesweetestblood. I’m also fairly new and you’ll find everyone to be very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Sounds a bit silly, but I bought Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies as a starting point. I like the Dummies series of books for setting out the basics of topics. Now growing my library as interests develop. But there are lots of online resources too if you prefer to learn that way, including the wonderful members here :slight_smile:


Hi @thesweetestblood! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia! Welcome to the forum, we’re glad to have you here!

So you’ve found the Courses right? Because that’s a really good place to start.

I use Amazon to buy my chime candles, I didn’t know about them when I first started. They come in all sorts of colors and only take about two hours to burn so they’re perfect for spell work.

Keep an eye out on your local supermarket’s herb rack. I even found lavender for sale at my local store. There’s plenty of spell components there.

Let’s see, what else did I wish to know. Books are a big thing for me, I love reading, so you may check out the book club and see what’s going on there. ANYTHING by Scott Cunningham is good for beginners, they’re old but they’re classics.

Embracing The Moon is also another good starter book even if it’s an older book.

Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Corrrespopndences is a book I would have loved to have when I started out.

I’m sure others will rec their favorite books and sites for you. And there are a few of us from the Pacific Northwest like @Francisco, so you should be okay.

If you have any other questions just ask, and we’ll be glad to help you out! Have fun getting started!


:joy::joy::joy:That’s so me!!!
But seriously, if you’re looking for where to start, then you’ve found the right place!!! Btw, I’m Christina aka Zaina Star⭐ I live in NY and have 4 lil rugrats lol

If you have any questions or any need at all, give me a shout or anyone else here that you’re comfortable with. There is a questions page. Just ask lol
Blessed be :pray:


@thesweetestblood my Amazon delivery people probably know me by name & can get to my house with their eyes closed.

The courses are a good place to start. I would also look through the forum for ANY topics that interest you & jump in with a question or your own feedback. A good place to know what is going on with the coven is: Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! April 12 :leaves: & you can check out the (Group Ritual - April 15) A Cup for Some Coin :moneybag: for some insight. If you feel you need some help with something we have the Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: April 10th for extra support from the coven.

I like the Scott Cunningham books as @Amethyst mentioned & I’m thinking of getting the Wicca for Dummies that @IrisW mentioned. I love the Dummie series for different things, especially knitting & crochet. I need it to be dumbed down for me sometimes.

Oh! I’m from Cape Cod, MA, USA… the exact opposite shoreline from you! I love going to the beaches here. We have a semi-private beach for my neighborhood that doesn’t get too crowded so I go there instead of the bigger beaches.

I think a good thing to know is that your craft is your own & that it isn’t a bad thing to get creative with substitutes that do the same thing for you. Like using different colored birthday candles or tealights. Chime candles are good because they have about 1.5 - 2 hours burn time, but if you don’t have them on hand, you can use something else & focus your intent on what you wish to get from it.


My Amazon delivery people also know me well…


@thesweetestblood Welcome to the Coven :slight_smile: So glad to have you here :slight_smile: I love your intro, some of it sounds so much like me haha! My name is Lisa and I live in Scotland, I’m an eclectic witch and a Norse pagan (very new as well so don’t worry about that) This Coven has been a blessing for me, I’ve been here 2 weeks and I honestly don’t know what I did without this extended family before :heartpulse: The courses are amazing and have helped me learn so much and if you need to ask anything pop it in the forum there will always be answers from someone :slight_smile:

@Siofra @christina4 @IrisW My amazon guys know me as well :joy: :joy: Must be a craft thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Merry meet, @thesweetestblood. As a Cancer :cancer:, I can understand the love of water. A life goal of mine is to kayak in each of the great lakes.

I shared a video a couple months ago that may help you. Everybody “makes mistakes” starting out, but the truth is your practice is your own and you will make it into whatever beautiful thing you want it to be. Welcome to Spells8. :slight_smile:


I’m so happy to see all these wonderful responses after a gorgeous day on the Oregon coast. Thank you all so much! I’ll definitely be checking out those books and resources (and, of course, starting a new Amazon order).


A very warm welcome to you, @thesweetestblood! :heart:

Thank you for the lovely introduction- I hope you’ve been making yourself at home here in the forum :blush:

Others have kindly shared lots of great beginner-friendly materials, so I’ll just jump in and say feel free to give a shout out if you have any questions or knowledge to share! Here in the coven we are all living and learning together :infinity: :deciduous_tree:

It’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkles: