Hello from the arctic

I want to preface this by saying I’ve been a lurker for a few months and finally joined yesterday. Not sure if I’ll end up staying here as I am in a potential transition with my spirituality. But I wanted to introduce myself as people here seem to be so kind.

I live in the middle of Alaska with my husband, two kids (19 & 17), two cats, two rats, a poodle and snails. I am the home keeper. I am an artist, though I focus more on hand crafts over the past couple years… cross stitch, crochet, sewing, knitting.

I was born into Mormonism but it always felt off, and I’ve always been intuitive and witchy, for lack of better words. Just in tune with nature, animals, vivid dreams, believing in fairies (or wanting to), magic, etc. I’m all about symbolism and synchronicity. I’ve always loved witches, but more of the cottage in the woods with herbs hanging from the ceiling kind.

I’m all about intention, I weave it into everything. Colors, scents, thoughts, music, words. I love using candles though I’ve only had white ones. Birthday candles are fun in a pinch, lol. I don’t do high ceremony as it makes me feel uncomfortable. Probably because I wasn’t raised around it (I didn’t go to the Mormon temple, I stuck with it being more of a generic Bible school). I prefer simple and intuitive.

I’m mostly in the broom closet. My daughter loves witchy things too, we’ve talked about making a BoS together. She embraced Wicca more than I did, though neither of us are in a position to be able to do many open things aside from tarot reading, lighting candles, or enjoying nature outside. We live in a mixed spirituality home in a small town and our whole family everywhere is Mormon. We had one cousin who is Wiccan too, but she moved away.

I’ve been on a weird circular journey for a few years, though Wicca was my first interest. I landed on Hinduism after years of searching and looking into various spiritualities, but most of my elder family members (all of my grandparents, almost all of my great aunt and uncles, and my father) have passed away, so I feel a pull to working on my own ancestry in this life. I love Ganesha and Shiva and what Hinduism stands for, but I feel disconnected due to being American / Northern European descent. If that makes sense. Wicca is the closest thing for me, though it’s been a struggle since leaving Mormonism. It’s been a frustrating path.

I love witchy-ness, lol. It’s hard to explain. I always crave it. I’ve been dying to make a Book of Shadows for years, but I mostly scribble in a composition notebook.

Anyway here I am, with fall rolling around the corner here, I always get a longing for witchy ways when this time of year comes. So much so, that it almost hurts. It’s part of what has sent me in circles over the years. My mother and sister are very Mormon still, but they love witches and Halloween, too. Maybe there’s something there. Who knows.

So here I am, hello! :wave:
Sorry for the rambling!


Hello and welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: @MelissaJ

It’s so nice to meet you, I was raised as a Christian, and I now consider myself Spiritual! My daughter is still a member of the Morman church, she’s also a member here, and I think she has been a lurker all along. :rofl: I shouldn’t laugh, I lurked for a long time too before posting!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. I lived in Eagle River for about a year, it’s so beautiful there and I have wonderful memories of my time there. If you have questions, just ask, Q&A

With love :heart: & magick :dizzy: always


Thank you so much, it’s nice to meet you! :heart:


Hi @MelissaJ! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots: I was born in Anchorage, but we moved before I could remember anything about Alaska, so I’m basically a Mountaineer.

You’re going to fit in fine around here, I do hope you’ll stay. You can mix the Hindu gods into Paganism, it’s all good. We have Christain Witches and Muslim witches, why not Hindu Witches?

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to chatting with you!


Welcome :pray: so happy to have you and glad you joined in the conversation. I’m from Pennsylvania but currently live in Maryland :blush: im fairly new to Wicca but have thoroughly enjoyed this forum and these amazing folks! Everyone is so welcoming and open. I love it. Welcome again :hugs:


Hello @MelissaJ and Welcome! It sounds to me like you should follow your heart and start creating your Book of Shadows. Spells8 has a number of printables. Do you have a printer? Will you create your own cover? I am currently using a 3 ring binder. You can always add ideas and items you discover on your spiritual journey.


Hello and welcome! I just wanted to say, your vulnerable sharing style impressed me with its bravery.

I follow a path like Hinduism but am also witchy so, if you ever want to chat or ask questions on how to combine the 2 paths/spirituality styles, message me! :pray:

Love and light,


Hi again, I wanted to also add that YES, it is so beautiful here! And that’s neat that your daughter lurks here, even though she’s still Mormon. I’m trying to get my daughter interested in checking this place out, too! She helped rekindle my interest in Wicca.


Hello Amethyst! I am for sure hoping that Ganesha will follow me in my journeys, where ever they lead… but he was with me before I studied Hinduism so I’m sure he’ll hang around! He’s been a great friend.

Anyway I lived here in Fairbanks in the early 80s when I was very little and moved away… always wanted to come back! Finally did about 7 years ago.

So howdy to you, fellow past-Alaska-dweller! :grin:


Hello! Welcome to you, too! I’ve never been to the eastern side of the states, maybe some day! I’m happy I joined in as well. The people here are wonderful. :heart:


I’m definitely hoping to. If nothing else I’ll start writing things down. But I am also saving pages to print like crazy, lol.

I found a pretty three ring binder on Amazon that looks like a leather book, and I hope to get a large pack of parchment type paper. We have a great printer that can handle tons of pages without eating ink, which will be nice!

I’m a major perfectionist with journals, I tried to do a fancy journal a few years ago for my magical writings and it’s sitting unfinished. I might have the three ring folder to keep things nice and pretty, but also a messy composition book for jotting down notes and ideas!


Thank you so much, I appreciate that! I was doing very small Pujas (more like a welcoming) every morning to Ganesha but I need the magick and witchiness, you know? I would love to chat with you about it.

I really appreciate all of the warm welcomes! Thank you all so much!



Welcome and merry meet


Thank you very much John :heart:


Hello @MelissaJ and welcome! I am a green witch and love herbs, the forest, and water magic and I have a big garden, 2 dogs :dog: :dog: and a Cat :cat:. I have a partner and 5 kids and I live in New England by way of Texas, Okla. and Florida.

As individual and diverse as all of us are in our lives, journeys and ‘witchy’ leanings, there are common threads, themes and ultimate desires we all seek in order to heed the call of our ethereal spiritual and sometimes mercurial callings and needs. We get there when we should if we allow ourselves to be open to what our own possibilities are and create the one of a kind person we are driven to become. I say create, but it’s not an accident, and it doesn’t happen to you, as you are in the drivers seat and will need to focus and control where you want to ultimately be.

We welcome you to your new coven with open arms and will be with you each step of your journey. Be blessed! :green_heart:


@MelissaJ @marsha As I have traversed my own journey from reformation Christianism to my own adult believes decades ago, it is always very close to my mind and heart the dissonance of community and support you have in those belief systems, to seeking a newfound path that is right for myself. Sometimes people feel there should be a “bad guy” in all of this, but it doesn’t have to be that way, there just is what ever you choose is right for you, even though it may not be within the possible outcomes for those who know you. Even though I am not advocating anyone leave a religion, since that is not necessary whatsoever to add in your spirituality as long as you are not interested in committing to a new religious path, I have so many parallels and agreements with what Johnny Harris went through - his video is unlike most of his others where he talks about his path out of Mormonism, and why it gave him so much good and is the person he is today. Maybe it will give you insight and comfort. Again, I am in no way advocating leaving a religion, I just believe this video is 100% spot on with your journey and I hope it is helpful in some way. Light and love to you and yours. :kissing_cat:


Welcome!! It’s always amazing to me how we end up right where we should be at precisely the time we should be there! I’m glad we get to be a part of your journey! Welcome to the forum!


Thank you for your insightful words. I indeed left the Mormon religion on good terms, I even told the Bishop that I wanted to do that, because it did inform who I’ve become. I had some good memories and friends in my time spent there. I still have some shadow work to do, but like you said, I am going with the flow as well. I’m trying my hardest to trust the universe while also doing the best I can on my end. I do tend to try to force things sometimes. Something I need to be aware of!


Thank you so much! :heart: Yes it’s always interesting to see how things circle around and click together!


@MelissaJ hi. Glad u spoke up. We are here for u. Many of us came from some form of Christianity, i was raised Pentacostal. If u need to talk please reach out. Please remember u arent alone.

Im 42 in central NC, i have two sons (25 & 24), 2 dogs, and 3 cats.