Hello from TX 👋

New officially but have always been involved and practiced some form of casting since very young with mom. Excited to be here- had no idea this existed!!


Merry meet. I’ve found everyone here to be so warm and welcoming. I hope you do, too.

What kind of magic are you into: candles, kitchen craft, scrying, tarot, etc. It’s awesome you had a parent introduce you to this.


Merry Meet! I’m Kasie from West Virginia. Where in Texas are you from? It’s interesting that your Mom taught you, that’s so great! You probably don’t need the site’s online witchcraft courses, but we do have a a weekly challenge you may be able to jump in on, despite it being halfway through the week.

We also usually have a weekly tea time on Thursdays and a book club that just started so you can get in on the fun.

So jump on in to the fun @karla! We’re glad to have you here!


How exciting thank you!! I am rusty but generally have dealt with candles, kitchen, herbs. Yes mom is definitely such a positive aura of goodness.


Pleasure, Kasie!! That sounds so exciting. I am definitely super rusty so I many need to do a quick review just in case. The book club sounds amazing and I am a tea head so all great things! Thank you for the warm welcome.


Hi @karla! Welcome to the forum! It’s so cool that your mom introduced you to the Craft :heart_eyes:
I love that you’re

:joy: have you tried any of the Tea Meditations? I’m obsessed with them haha
Looking forward to hearing more from you soon! :hearts:


Hi Karla!! Welcome aboard! :wave:

I was also introduced at a young age by my mom. Mostly with visualizations and simple techniques. Some of them I still use to this day, and that’s what led me to create this site which grew into an amazing community of Witches of al sorts of different backgrounds!

I recommend you explore the Online Witchcraft Courses page. Whenever you have questions or comments, make sure to come back to the forum!

If you need ideas for daily rituals, visit the Daily Correspondences Page and the Lunar Spell Page

Blessed be! :dizzy:


Merry Meet, @karla! :heart:

Sending greetings from Poland! We’re glad to have you join us in the forum family :grin: Others have posts some great links to resources and the activities here- feel free to get involved!

You are welcome to jump in on any posts in the forums and don’t hesitate to make a new one if you have insights, questions, or anything you’d like to share. I’m looking forward to talking more with you soon!

Blessed be :two_hearts:


Welcome sister witch! Nice to meet you! I’m Christina, from NY. I’ve been practicing the craft for many years. Hope to see you in future posts.