Hello from Washington

I am new to this site and looking forward, to find like minded people. I have been a witch for 30yrs, initiated by my mother at 13. I am a Christian witch, I am an empath, healer, divinator, raising my 2 children in the craft.


Hello @Rene and welcome!

I’m happy to see a Christian Witch here as I feel like not a lot of witches and pagans have had experience or exposure to Christian Witches. I have seen many arguments on the internet about Christian Witches and the validity of the practices, yet no one has ever really delved into how it works and why. Anyway, that’s just me rambling on.

I’m glad to have you here and I wish you a very warm welcome! Feel free to browse around, take some of the courses if you want, and please don’t hesitate to share your unique experiences!


Thank you, several of my circle have relocated to different states in the last few years. So I am working at being a more family witch, my daughter is 23, aspergers autistic, that is very talented, she is a healer and empath. My son is 19, he has a strong presence and is very raw power. Funny thing, my mom always jokes that the original charm show was based on our family. Lol, As children our powers were stronger, telekinesis, medium and our ability to see or sense things. My home I raised my kids to adolescents was haunted/shared with a few ghost, and my mom still lives on the property in a new home but the spirits are still very active.


That’s amazing!! Welcome to the Forum, @Rene!! :sparkles:

Do you use any specific technique for healing, such as reiki? My mother does healing with hands and prayer. Me, I still have a lot to learn!

It’s great to have someone else in the PNW. Greetings from Oregon and Blessed Be!

I heal with laying hands and massage and draining the pain and grounding it. My daughter is also very talented healer.

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A very warm welcome to you, @Rene! :heart:

That is so wonderful that you are sharing your magickal wisdom with your children- and it sounds like you are all very blessed with your abilities! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Feel free to share tips, experiences, questions, or thoughts here in the forums- we all have so much to learn as we explore the magickal journey together! :blush: :two_hearts: I can’t wait to talk with you more!

All the best of blessings and wishes- you are very welcome here! :sparkling_heart:

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