Hello I am so ready

Hello I am new here and I don’t know if i am a witch or not. I havr been studying very hard and have tried some chanting and have made an alter. Can so one help me awaken the rest


Hello @nyeta! Welcome! :pray:

The majority of witches are solitaries, with many never having worked in a group (according to the latest edition of The Spiral Dance).

There is no Sorting Hat :womans_hat: as in Harry Potter. Nobody can tell you whether you’re a witch except for yourself.

If you practice the Craft, you are a witch.

  1. If you want to be a witch, just declare yourself a witch. Say: “I am a Witch”.

  2. Like you said, studying is the first step. If you want to awaken the rest, I recommend you to meditate.

  3. Create small rituals around your meditation practice. For example, work with chants, affirmations, mantras, cast a cirlce or burn incense for focus. Or draw a sigil that connects you to a special side of yourself.

There isn’t a unique path to awakening your power because everybody is different. But it will come with practice. Keep studying and exploring!

Many blessings! :sparkles:


Very warm greetings to you, @nyeta! :hearts:

It sounds like you are very enthusiastic about your path- this is wonderful to hear! :sparkling_heart:. Like Francisco mentioned, studying and trying out some small spells or rituals are great ways to further build on the foundation you have already made for yourself- you’re off to a great start! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is so much information out there, and so many different aspects to practicing magick. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first- I know it was for me! I would recommend finding one particular area that calls out to you- maybe herbs :herb:, crystals :gem:, astrology :star2:, or spells :sparkles:. To browse through topics and find more information about each, I highly recommend the Spells8 YouTube Channel :+1:

It sounds like you already have an altar set up and have tried some chanting- well done! :two_hearts: If you are looking for additional spellwork to try, there is the Daily Devotional that updates every day and has many different things you could experiment with :crystal_ball:

Remember that you make the rules for your own practice- it is very unique and personal to you! So there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, and you are always free to adapt any spell, ritual, or recipe to suit your own needs or materials that you have :candle:

Feel free to reach out with questions, advice, or experiences here in the forums! We are very blessed to have you join us- and I’m excited to see where your exciting path leads! :sparkles:

Blessed Be! :heart:

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