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Hello My name is DivineAscendingOne. I’m very excited to be here around such knowledgable, gifted people I’m new and would love to earn as much as possible I am a true believer in crystal healing also I just my healing abilities have been awakenened as well as other gifts that I need to learn more about but also if anyone is in the eastern area there is a lovely yearly event I will be going to this weekend [Spirit Fest 2022 Sept 17-18 ,2022 20 year anniversary ] [https://campchesterfield.com] https://campchesterfield.net this is my first time going to the festival but I just wanted to introduce my self and let anyone know this place is open all year round its free to go besides the 1 time a year and its only $10 for the whole day.but its free all year they are open all year round I just started seeker school there. I was able to go Labor Day weekend and it is truly is remarkable and just walking the labyrinth was amazing but I figured if your as close as I am you might like to go to just clear your mind and a awesome crystal shop but I’m not affiliated with them just thought I would let you guys know. I look forward to making some awesome friends. Blessings to all


Welcome, @DivineAscendingOne!

Thanks for sharing this event. I’m not in the area but just checking out the website the pictures look amazing, including the stone labyrinth and garden of prayer. I hope you’ll have fun at the festival!!



Merry meet @DivineAscendingOne,

Welcome to the forum! :blush:

Camp Chesterfield looks really neat- I’m nowhere near Indiana, but it is really cool to see. If I’m ever in the area I would love to check it out! Thank you so much for the recommendation :heart:

Please make yourself at home here in the forum! If you ever find yourself with any questions, know that the Q&A Category is there for you. Ask away and you’ll be sure to get plenty of answers, advice, and shared experiences from fellow coven members :infinite_roots:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi @DivineAscendingOne! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

That camp looks interesting! I wish I could get there. And I had money to spend on it! LOL! I hope you have lots of fun and learn new things there. You’ll have to share with the coven when you get back!

I look forward to getting to know you!


Welcome! Happy to have you here!
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Welcome, @DivineAscendingOne! I am new here as well and in the short time I have been here found the forum to be a truly, welcoming, warm, and very knowledgeable community. I look forward to learning from you!


Thank you Everyone for all the lovely replies and open arms. I will definitely share my experience from the festival. I live only a few mins away and had no idea it was there this entire time but only lived here a few years. one of the mentor said it was bc I might not have been ready yet on my journey but I am now I truly glad to have met you all blessings to all and I’ve been sick since the full moon I’m hoping to get better with this sinus infection or head cold too lol but I’m learning so much on here and can’t wait for this next journey


Hello and welcome @DivineAscendingOne :raised_hands: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here in the Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots: Nice to meet you! That Spirit Fest looks like so much fun! Unfortunately I’m not in the area but I hope you have an amazing time!


Thank you so much. I’m so happy to have found this coven


Welcome! I’m Amaris and I’m from Texas. I wish we had festivals like that here! Too conservative - I’m lucky to find metaphysical shops.

Anyways, so happy you found our coven! :infinite_roots: I’ve learned so much from everyone here and love sharing my knowledge and lessons with others. I practice mostly green witchcraft but definitely an eclectic pagan.

Again, welcome and Merry Meet!!


Hello and welcome home :infinite_roots: @DivineAscendingOne

The Spirit Fest sounds like a lot of fun! Be sure to share more with us about your experiences there. I did follow the links and will read them more carefully as time allows. It looks like a really amazing place. You are blessed to be so close. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha


Welcome, and enjoy your event this weekend! Can’t wait to hear about it!


Hey @DivineAscendingOne you feel very spiritual to me…

I’m sure you’ll do great here :wink:


Hello Everyone the festival was great I learn somethings about my personal life that I had no idea about from a amazing medium they had a few Pagan booths there with some really cool potions and oils I learn that the couple near death experiences I’ve had in my life had helped awaken the gifts I have and never told anyone about them except those closest to me or how and to was amazing to find out how and why these gift came about they were ancestral Clair’s in my family but never spoken about somewhat hidden until I spoke with my mother who is a devout catholic Italian woman and I felt weary just telling her but to find out that I wasn’t the first or only one in our family made me feel less strange lol but over 2 years ago I should have died in a car accident the car was completely totaled the front of the vehicle was smashed into were I would sit I was the only one in the car I was driving and walked away with only my arm being broken in half had two surgeries and shoulder dislocated and sternum cracked my phone was no were to be found so I had to walk a mile in a half home I live out in the country and the only thing that stopped my car was this big truck that I t-boned but the people weren’t home after I got to the house and my fiancé called the police the couldn’t understand how I was even alive and how I was able to even walk let alone over a mile in the cold but any way I didn’t even count that as a near death experience but the medium knew every detail and said my father had been with me no one that knows me know that my father isn’t my actual father my biological father passed before I could meet him when I was a teen a month after my step father committed suicide but I’ve always been a daddy’s girl raised by my father I didnt claim him nor his fame. I found out he wanted to be in my life but my mom and (non bio)dad said he was going to raise me as his own bc there was no chance that I wasn’t his real daughter and if I wasn’t he didn’t care nor want to know. see they separated for a some time and she slept with her best friend and who I call as my father didn’t care and so they told my bio father to stay away and I assume from guilt of the affair he agreed. I found out he had tried several time to be in my life but wasn’t allowed but I was told after he passed in 2003, (At Spirit Fest )this weekend that he has been with me by my side protecting me since he passed and each time I almost died it lifted a vail for that to be possible I hope my ADHD way of explaining didn’t confuse or overwhelm anyone. if you are empaths just breath out any energy that feels overwhelming to you but any ways I am truly happy to be hear learning more and more each day I have so much to learn and a lot to share as well. Thank you all for the warm loving welcome.


I’m so glad you had an amazing time at the festival @DivineAscendingOne! :blush: And wow- that medium you talked with was very skilled! It must be comforting to know that your father has been by your side protecting you :pray::heart:

We’re blessed that you’re here! :blush: May you continue to enjoying your learning and keep on thriving on your magickal path :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Thank you I had never told anyone that I had another father other than the only one that raised me. But it was mind blowing to her not only about that but he knew things no one could or would of know and I didn’t pay for a reading I was just walking buy and he stopped me Sept 22nd was my 6 years sober anniversary so when say I had many near death experiences that is a understatement. I’m glad to be here know and learn more on my journey and if anyone can help with guidance to learn spells an as much knowledge as possible I’m a knowledge lover!!!


Congrats to you on 6-years sober, @DivineAscendingOne! :heart::blush: And yes, that really is amazing- she must have really connected with your energy when you walked by!

I love your enthusiasm! :raised_hands: Did you have a chance to check out the Courses yet? They are great for walking you through a new area of magick or deepening a current favorite. If you enjoy plant magick at all, I recommend the Green Witchcraft Course :herb::green_heart: :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your studies- if you have any questions, feel free to reach out in #questions! :blush: Blessed be! :sparkles: