Hello to everyone

Hi I am Deborah and new here .
I was introduced to this power by my daughter who was my sword enemy ( Mother’s and daughters the loving war) :sweat_smile: I have always beleive in the Wicca ways I just didn’t know until now . My daughter even told me about Spells8… of which I am a proud subscriber.
I am so happy to have found this place , and this time …
I live in Philadelphia PA .

Blessings to all.


Hello and welcome! I’m Christina and if any questions arise, there are many friendly and knowledgeable friends here who I’m sure will answer your questions. As well as me. Lol


Thank you so much Christina4


Welcome to the Forum @Deborah813!! :wave:

It’s great to have you here!

If you are interested in learning more and you haven’t already, make sure to start these online courses!

Courses page 1

Courses page 2

And find more on the Online Witchcraft Courses page. Whenever you have questions or comments, make sure to come back to the forum! We’ll be here to help!

Have a blessed day! :sparkles:


A very warm welcome to you, @Deborah813! :heart:

That’s wonderful that your daughter inspired your journey, and we are very blessed to have you here with us now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Enjoy the Spells8 courses, and feel free to browse the Spells8 YouTube Channel too- there’s so much to learn! :books:

If you come across anything interesting in your studies or have questions, thoughts, or experiences you’d like to share- jump in on any of the posts in the forums, or feel free to create a new topic! :memo:

I can’t wait to talk with you more- Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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Welcome @Deborah813!

Lovely to have you on board :bouquet: looking forward to learning more about you :blush:


Thank you again Brianna…
Yes it is a lot I find myself reading … taking notes and doing the courses outlined on Spell 8 every chance I get. I feel like I am back in college :joy:
I am looking forward to speaking with you for many years to come


Welcome @Deborah813 nice to have you here


Thank you so much Katt… I am happy to be here

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Hahaha hopefully it’s a good and nostalgic feeling! :laughing:

Same to you, Deborah- Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

Any time dear friend!

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Kat can you call me . I am in discord … but I can be reached at *******

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Hi! I’m so happy to meet you! I truly believe that you will love it here! I am Krissie and I have found some wonderful support and tools for learning more about Wicca than I ever thought possible. I finally feel like I am going in the right direction. The people here are amazing and the group ritual is very inviting too. I can’t wait to speak with you more throughout your courses and journey. :star2:


Hi @krissie117 ,
I am happy to meet you as well .
Thank you for such a warm greeting.
I totally agree with you that Spell 8 is a wonderful place to be . Everyone has been so helpful and the format and lessons are the best .
Thank you again
Blessings :heart: