Help for healing

3 and a half hours ago I had to watch my wife be taken by ambulance to the ER. She slipped coming out of the house and did a full body slam onto the stairs. Base of head hit the top step, tailbone hit the 3rd and ankles smacked the bottom. It was pouring a slushy rain and freezing cold.

Just heard from the nurse and from my wife, nothing broken THANKFULLY! This is however another injury to her back. Last week she thought she had a kidney stone and it turns out she strained the muscles around her kidneys. This is on top of the upper back and shoulder damage we finally got diagnosed after 15 yrs of Neurological tests.
We have spent the last 15 yrs having a repeated battery of tests for nerve and brain issues all to be told it is muscle damage. Had they diagnosed years ago may have been treated with PT but now may not be reversible.

Please light a candle and send some healing energy this way if you can.

Blessed be.


So sorry to hear! May she recovery rapidly! Healing energy your way! Not sure what’s going on! Within the last couple of weeks I’ve known friends and family with severe accidents and medical problems that required hospital attention. Is it the allignment of the planets?!


I don’t think this was planetary alignment just a case of a Taurus who charges through life full speed.

She is home and resting thank you for the energy.

On a side note, I just gotta share, as the ambulance pulled away there was a slush coming down from above that turned into a heavy rain. As it was late and dark, which I don’t drive-in often, I cast a circle and beseech the elements to abate the storm long enough for me to make the journey in to town to retrieve her from the ER. The storm almost immediately slowed to a trickle, as iI pulled out of the drive the rain disappear, the road was free of traffic and the half moon light peeked through to lighten the road. As I sit here now writing this the rain is just returning, fluctuating between a trickle and a downpour.
So blessed I am tingling.
Blessed be my new friends.


I’m sending positive healing energy to you. I understand the types of things that you are going through with your wife, I have been going through some similar circumstances to get my diagnoses also. I hope she heals quickly from her fall. Thank goodness nothing is broken.

I will continue to send her positive healing energy.


I will add her to my morning meditation. Blessed be.


Gads, that sounds like a bad fall. Sending you and your family good vibes. I hope your wife is comfy now that she’s at home. At least as comfy as she can get, which probably isn’t very after a fall like that.

Wishing you healing and love and light!


Sending love and light to you, Cinnamonoob! so you can pass it on to your wife through love and good care. Healing energies are on the way! :candle: :raised_hands:


Oh goodness, my heart goes out to you and your wife, @Cinnamonoob! Wishing her a restful time and a speedy recovery :pray: You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

That is a wonderful sign from the moon and the storm- hopefully it is foretelling of clearer skies and a brighter future to come :crescent_moon::sparkles: Love and light! :heart:


I am glad that your loved one is still okay! And It was a terrible accident! Something tells me you are a strong person! I just can tell ! I just wanted you to know, in the darkness, the light is shinning over you! In the coldest nights we are here for you! Love :heart: and light!
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! May you feel held!


Thank you everyone for your love and light. Healing has happened quickly. Nowhere near 100 percent but definitely making great progress. Your energies were felt and helped. Blessed be.


So happy to hear about your healing progress, @Cinnamonoob! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing you a continued recovery- love and light to you! :candle::heart:


I’m so happy that you’re progressing so well! I will continue keeping you in my thoughts as long as you continue to heal. I hope it stays going in the right direction for you. :heart:


Happy to hear about your healing! More positive energy your way.