Help I have a stray momma and she's about to pop please

I started feeding a stray cat a few months ago. She had kittens under my house. Well now I’ve adopted her b and she loves being inside with me. But she’s full pregnant and I’ve never been around a cat having babies. What can I do to help her? Oh she seems to love spell work. She’s always with me when I’m doing anything at my altar. I have a feeling she’s more than a stray sometimes.
Oh also let me add, she is young and is rambunctious. And bites so I’m a little intimidated


Have you taken her to a vet yet? She’ll need shots and a check-up and deworming if she’s been outdoors, not to mention some flea medicine.

Other than that just fix up a box or place it in your closet, somewhere out of the way where she can nest and let her do her thing. She should know what to do.

Is she biting to draw blood, or just chewing on you? Biting to draw blood is bad, and can infect your hands or wherever she’s biting. If she’s just chewing and not drawing blood, she’s just being playful. Not that that doesn’t hurt, but some cats are a bit violent in their play.

I have scratches all up and down my arms where my cat thinks it’s okay to go after me when I get in bed, trying to play with me. He’s a cute little bugger but I do wish he’d stop.

Hope this helps!


For the day she delivers she’ll need a box with blankets or anything soft down for the delivery. Let her get used to the box beforehand.

When they are born, you might need to suction the babies because of all the mucus. Meanwhile, just give her space, she’s scared. I was scared when I was ready to deliver my first son because I didn’t know what to expect.

Im sorry because I’m not sure what else to suggest! I’m sure it’ll go well. :yellow_heart::heart_eyes_cat::cat2::cat2::cat2:


Greetings @Salamander!

Oh goddess- what an exciting occasion! Aside from seeing a goat give birth on a farm one time (she was fine and didn’t need my help- lucky for me :sweat_smile:), this is out of my area of expertise. But it looks like @Amethyst and @Christina4 have some very quality advice for you and your kitty momma :cat:

I also found this article called Helping Your Pregnant Cat Give Birth- maybe that will have some additional tips for you.

As for spellwork, you could seek blessings for your cat by saying a prayer or give an offering to one of the deities of motherhood :pregnant_woman:.

Isis: Protector of women and children
Artemis: Protector of women, children, and the wild
Taweret: Protector of mother and child during birth
→ The Mother: one of the three faces of the Wiccan Goddess

You might also consider this baby blessing :baby_chick: :

Chant to Bless a Pregnancy

Or could seek the protection of a deity specific to cats :black_cat: :

Bast: goddess of cats

Wishing you and your kitty all the best with the rest of her pregnancy and the birthing! Blessed be :sparkles:


I’m sorry to bother you with such a silly question but how would you pronounce her name??


My cats bite me all the time, but it’s more to still my hand, not to hurt. Either I’ve over stimulated them buy ruffling them up or over petting them. Sometimes it’s just their way to say ‘stop it’.


Not a silly question at all! :blush:

I’m not confident that how I pronounce Her name is my mind is the “right” way (I’ve studied a few languages and now anytime I try to pronounce a new word it’s a mixingpot mess :joy:) but Wikipedia uses the following pronunciation guide:

The name “Taweret” ( Tȝ-wrt )

It can be turned into audio by using an IPA Reader.

There’s also an audio pronunciation on How to Pronounce, although I’m not sure if this pronunciation refers to the name in general or to the Egyptian deity.

Pronuncing words from ancient languages is a tough endeavor, unfortauntely :sweat_smile: But Francisco shared some really helpful advice in another thread about pronunciating deity names that may help to reassure you:

Hope that helped a bit! Blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you so much!!! That was very helpful and I’m saving the link to my home screen :smile_cat:


Ooohhhh thanks, I haven’t given her a name I’ve called her momma. I might see if she likes Bast, it seemed perfect when I read it.
My dog was named Bacchus (Dionysus) God of Good times and wine. He was definitely a fun dog.
So it seems fitting for me to pick another deity’s name for the kitty.
Thanks for the recommendations.


No she hasn’t been to a vet. I’m not to sure she will she hasn’t had a bath either, I’m not getting shredded trying that but she keeps really clean. I’ve watched her and no signs of fleas.
Ive also made little nest areas for her everywhere. Cleaned out a cabinet and put a blanket in there and let her know she can go there and also in the bottom of my art closet and in my nightstand. I also did that so she could have places to hide out when there’s a lot of traffic in my house. I know she goes in the cabinet a lot.
Still no babies though.
She started sleeping in my bed a few days ago. She stayed out of my room mostly, I don’t think she likes my hubby too much. For the biting she’s not biting too hard just enough to say stop or she runs and nips my feet to tell me to play. Also she sits in front of the fridge if her food bowl is empty and she’s hungry. I’ve been giving her little meals several times a day.


I think it’s like th-oath


If you take her to the vet, they may a medicine that gets rid of fleas and worms at the same time, at least I think they do. Not sure if it’s safe for pregnant cats. I wouldn’t try to bath her unless she’s real dirty. That’s the best thing about a cat, no baths.

Sounds like you’re doing a great job being a new cat!mom!


I think Bacchus is a great name for a fun-loving dog! :dog: :two_hearts: And if the name suits her and feels right, then I agree it would be neat to continue the trend and call her Bast :cat: :heart:

It sounds like she has really bonded with you, Salamander! Wishing you both good luck and many blessings when the kittens arrive :pray::blush: