Help! Keep getting the 10 of Swords

I’m really worried bc yesterday and this morning when I was doing a reading for myself, I keep getting the ten of swords. what does that mean? is it for certain that something bad is going to happen in my life soon?


This is how I interpret the ten of swords and I hope this helps. I usually read it as a lesson in what about myself have I outgrown or needs to change? What habit or idea have I held onto that needs to change because it’s no longer useful. What idea has outlived its usefulness? Swords inhabit the element of air and hence belong to the world of ideas and concepts. It’s an unnerving card to get for sure, but rather than looking at as a portent of something back, I would suggest looking at from a perspective of what view might you need to change to progress along your path.

In your particular card, are their other symbols or images that speak to you in one way or another?

I hope that helps!


Hey @charity9 :wave: I hope you don’t mind but I moved your post to it’s on topic so more people can lend their thoughts :blush:

As for my opinion, I think getting the 10 of Swords repeatedly is a warning that something is coming, yes. I see it more as burnout, maybe, rather than something catastrophic. If you’ve been feeling exhausted lately then this is your sign to find a way to de-stress. Swords are all in our head, usually. They represent our logical side, our thoughts and ideas that don’t have anything to do with emotion.

This is a good thing to look at, too! Check the symbolism of the card and see what you can get from it intuitively. What jumps out at you? It could be a specific symbol in the card and not necessarily the card itself.



It’s a scary-looking card but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Just like with the Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana, this card talks about a cycle ending, or a transition, as in: nothing is permanent.

The number 10 is a number of completion, so something new is going to happen next. It’s not necessarily negative unless you choose to see it that way.


I always like to interpret it as if there’s new dawn after some really bad times. But that would depend on the question and the situation.