Help with this reading?

This is Celtic cross for my friend.
Got the Hermit as an extra card.
Question was about selling of property. I’ve got a general idea, but to me does not say clearly that it will be a straight sell.
I can read more about Her here than in the Mahjongg reading.

Share your thoughts?
Blessed be💕
The way I see it, is that her situation is about to change but need to be less pessimistic and more realistic.
She’s an Aries with a lot of fire.
Likes to help people, but people don’t give a shit about her.
The emperor reversed either means argument with a man or forget and move on, cut her losses and sale.
The Hermit reflects on what to do with that cash and her life.
She’s single, living alone with her dog.
Hermit life here.


I saw your posting and I had the urge to help. I hope I don’t overstep any boundaries. The card that stands out for me the most is the Two of Pentacles. Options and priorities. I feel that she needs to balance her priorities in a more practical rather than emotional way. The emperor represents practicality in this reading. It is a masculine trait. I see a combination of 333, I would suggest to listen to her intuition and do not pay attention to external voices. Allow herself to center emotions and balance out the pros and cons from the sale. Regardless of the outcome, her happiness depends on her decision. If she feels connected to sell, it is a risk she is willing to make. At the end, her happiness is what matters the most.


@fabian. Thanks for stepping in. You’re right, but She’s got very little choice on the matter. There are a lot of people involved. She’s made some bad choices in her life: being handicapped, caring for a difficult mother 'til died from dementia, working for family not insured, time and money invested in a flat that not longer is safe.
She has saved some money, which given the Country economy, generates little interest. The repairing bills have become astronomical and the few tenants pay next to nothing in rent.
If they all finally agree, the flats will get sold by the end of the year and She can move to a one bedroom flat. Hopefully she will have left enough to end her days comfortably.
I told her loose a bit to gain a bit. If there’s not agreement, properties will go auction and they risk to get a lot less.
There are to groups in this big family, the well off, She is not in that group.
I appreciate your help, thanks :pray:
Blessed be


Thank you for sharing her story. As her friend, it is important she feels supported. Let her know that you will be there for her when she needs it the most. Thank you for being a great friend to her. Merry meet.


Although we have know since we were kids, never had much contact until my mother died. She let me stay at her flat while I was putting affairs in order.
We both shared during that period our own demons. I’m grateful and hopefully she’s too. We both have paid a hefty price to get were we are now.
The scars are deep and will take a long time to heal, and for that, thank our respective families.
Anyway is a long complicated story.
Thanks for your support :+1:


This crosses you!
This is a good thing when you get the wheel of fortune You are reaching your goals!
Success and especially when it comes to business!

3 of cups
This is what crosses you! Unity is the first word that comes to my mind! It means to celebrate! Celebrate this time together!

Ace of cups this crowns you! An offering of renewal
This is a positive card in this reading! A gift!

Card 4 -
This is behind you!
This is card number 4, the number of manifestation of the mater! This translates to property four related to business or a challenge. Four relate to business and security and real estate matters! Consequences of your actions and an impact of the material! Relief from stress! Solitude prayer :place_of_worship: Feeling stressed? Meditate to help matters! If you need to rest :sleeping_bed: rest

Card 5 - this is behind you!
Two of disk
Working to make ends meet creative finance
Card 6 Four of wands “This is before you” in the next couple of weeks!
Number four for financial obligations there Like a table with four legs :leg: Four for stability four is the number of stability and make sure that you manifest your goals in laying out the foundation in the material :earth_americas:. Four relates to business and you must take action. Try to have efficient order and logic.

The Magician- Yourself or your attitude towards the matter. How you feel at this time and gives perspective on the whole spread.
You may not feel you have the ability to achieve your goals. Or have the ability to face and make decisions. Moreover, self-confidence to meditate on would be “I am the master of my fate”
Maybe you don’t have certain skills but you have all ur tools! :hocho: A lack of self-empowerment

Card 8: Environment and external influences such as the people around you. Be they friends, family, or coworkers, how do they perceive you?

3 of Rods- Nuber 3 :three: we create a partnership of number :two: come to the new plans. Number 3 is joy unfolding and or optimism. Sometimes benefits of fruits. This card represents the first stage of growth is achieved by the sperm that unites the :egg: egg. Birth of Enterprise! Help plan and set goals. Business opportunities take time to cooperate with others! Since its reverse goals are harder to reach don’t be too proud to ask for help. Delays or are you afraid to pursue them? Has someone let you down? Are you a team player?

Card 9: Hopes and fears. It shows your hidden emotions, desires, anxieties, and thoughts about what you feel is coming.

Four of cups reversed- Four for stability, feeling energized? Come out of the shell :snail:
Let the walls come down despair or exhaustion.
Let go of the fears and anxiety You may want to do something to unwind. Don’t let depressions creep in.

The Emperor reversed
Card 10: The outcome of the situation, the results of all the previous influences. If you don’t like the card you’re seeing, this may be a sign that you should question your desires. Depending on the case, it can be understood as a position of advice or what to expect in the long term.
Lost stability order or control
Lack of progress so doesn’t run :running_man: from it! Try not to be lazy! Signs of a lack of responsibility.
Thanks this was good practice!
Blessed be!
Good luck :game_die:


Absolutely brilliant, thanks
I hope She gets to sell and cash in.
It’s about time She get what truly deserves to live in happiness the rest of her days.
I should come back once the sell its done to compare our notes on this matter.
Thank you very much indeed.:gift_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


Hey Hi Basil,
I hope all works out for her so she doesn’t need to worry about the future! Tell her she’s going to be blessed! She sounds like a wonderful person after taking care of someone with Alztmerz
I hope she can find rest for the rest of her days I am wrapping the light around her for protection!
You’re a good friend, to do a reading for her!
Blessed be!:sparkles:


@Jeannie1. Thank you.
She really deserves some good luck in this world.
She jumped out of a 3rd. floor window when She was very young.
She’s a very stubborn Aries, but who wouldn’t be when godess fortune is not by your side.
Money doesn’t grow on trees and had to learnt it that way.
Some of us have to grow up to appreciate the value of money.
It doesn’t buy happiness but it can help a lot.
Perhaps has a karmic debt to pay like I do.
Hopefully it’ll all be over by the end of the year.
Bless her and bless you​:two_hearts::revolving_hearts::gift_heart::four_leaf_clover: