Help with what it could be

My daughter found this while working in her garden and we are trying to figure out what it can be.


Hi @amelia4,

Whoa- that is interesting! :astonished:

It’s a bit hard to tell exactly what it is in from the picture, but assuming it’s not hair (in the second picture it looks like some kind of root, or dried bulb-like base), my guess would be that it’s a dried plant.

In the garden, we sometimes tie plants into clusters for various reasons- to help keep them growing straight, to move them as easily as possible, to harvest them, to keep them from choking out nearby plants, etc. :herb: :woman_farmer:

It looks like a bundle of some kind of plant (something thin- a grass or thin stalk?) that was tied up- maybe to harvest it or dry it?

Are there any other curious things nearby where you found it- crystals, symbols, other plants, etc? If not, I don’t think you have to worry about any potential magickal interference.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi @amelia4 ,

I am going to guess it’s a bulb of some sort. Squirrels and other animals can move them or unearth them from the neighbors property too. I also found a bulb in my yard that I know my neighbor recently planted because I was with her when she was working in her garden and recognized it immediately.


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