Herbal Tea Question

I bought some tea for good blood circulation. It’s got Red Sage Root in it. But I’m allergic to sage, well, the kind of sage you cook with. Do any of you Green Witches know if this would be safe for me to drink or not?

It smells something awful, but if it’ll help my leg I’ll drink it. Gah! :nauseated_face:


I’m not an herbalist but if what you’re allergic to is all types of Salvia then I would say probably don’t drink it just to be on the safe side.


The thing is, I don’t know if I’m allergic to all types. But yeah, it looks like I’ll be using this tea to dress a candle rather than drink it. Which is bad because I need it, but good because boy does it smell awful!


@Amethyst I advise do not drink this if you have an allergic reaction to sage. Normal red sage is just made with normal sage with Dragon’s Blood” - a red resin obtained from the Dracaena plant also known as the dragon tree. Adding the Dragon’s blood resin to any herb is known to enhance its’ effects. So if this is indeed what you have, then I would not drink it!



I’ve used Arjuna Bark mixed with warm milk for blood circulation. There are premade drinks and pills etc that people can use. I simply buy the powder from Etsy, put about 1/2 a teaspoon into a cup of warm milk, let it steep then strain it… or stir it off and on as I drink it. It’s bark, like cinnamon, so it doesn’t mix fully with liquid.

You can do this on the stove, too, mixing it with gently simmering milk.

This is something used in India and Ayurveda. It’s helped me when I am consistent with drinking it, at least once a day.

Here’s some more information:

There are pills and premade mixes out there with Arjuna Bark in it.

I hope this helps :heart:


Thanks for the warning @jan_TheGreenWitch! I’m not sure if this is what I have but I’m afraid of it, that’s for sure.

Do you know if Arjuna Bark makes one’s blood pressure or sugar go up? Just wondering. It’s not for my heart so much as the leaky valves in my legs.


Red sage root is different @Amethyst so if you have that it’s different, but the same core principle applies as what @MeganB said about being in the Salvia genus plant family, so it would depend on what in regular sage you are actually allergic to. But the red sage itself (not red sage root) is actually sage with the red dragons blood plant resin coating. I just re read your post and you did say Red sage root, my apologies, so you need to find out what within sage you are allergic to!!! :slight_smile: :green_heart:


I have blood sugar problems (hypoglycemia) and have never noticed a difference. I also have a blood pressure problem, and haven’t noticed my pressure go up, it’s more of a flow kind of like after drinking coffee.

I have edema in my legs and it helped a lot with that when I was consistent with it.

I don’t know if this gives any idea… but it’s definitely worth researching. :heart:


@Amethyst & @Melora_Fae I do have 3 suggestions for blood circulation in the legs and feet with information about glucose levels and blood flow, if that is helpful?

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest medicinal plants in nature that has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years to promote better blood circulation. It contains a natural blood thinner that prevents blood platelets from clumping together which lowers the chances of a clot forming in a blood vessel; blood clots can block blood flow and cause a stroke. It is important not to take this powerful herb with other medications unless it has been given the okay by a medical healthcare provider.

Adding as much garlic to your diet as your palate can stand is another alternative way of supporting the circulatory system and ward off ailments and illnesses; several cloves a day can help to naturally manage blood pressure levels. Diabetics with poor blood circulation may be of particular benefit as its antiseptic properties can also help to eliminate microbial infections that may be causing swelling and inflammation. Garlic can also help to decrease the amount of glucose that thickens blood, and help to lower cholesterol levels that cause blood vessels to thicken and stiffen.

More than 1,000 tree and shrub species fall under the collective term hawthorn, edible berries from these plants have medicinal qualities that have been used in traditional medicines to treat circulatory problems. Hawthorn berries on a regular basis can help to improve blood flow throughout the entire body; for best results mix with cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginkgo biloba to bring all three of these together with cayenne, which will do wonders for circulation in the legs, ankles and feet. Bilberry and huckleberry help to alleviate circulatory problems while supporting improved vision and eye health.

Too much? I hope it is helpful x :green_heart:


I agree with garlic for sure! Blood trouble runs in my family on my father’s side and we all crave garlic, lol.

The body definitely knows what it needs!

I appreciate all of the info.


Butcher’s Broom is reputedly good for that but you might want to research it first as it is also a direutic and you know, may interact with meds or reduce effectiveness of others, I don’t know. But it’s supposed to be helpful for vascular problems and circulation in legs. Here is a link with more info! Butcher's Broom


I’m afraid to try it, @jan_TheGreenWitch. I’m on so many medications I don’t want to screw that up. If I do try it I’ll do it when my helper is here so I’ll have, well, help. Still, I’m afraid of it now that I look at the box. I wish you could see the ingredient list better on Amazon.

Oh well, I’m going to use the herbs in a healing spell anyways. Just on a candle instead of in a tea. LOL!

Thanks, @Melora_Fae! It’s worth a shot!

This one I may try. I can ask the pharmacist and he should know if Ginko Biloba will hurt with any of my meds. Thanks so much!

I already eat a lot of garlic. It’s yummy! LOL!

It sounds like exactly what I’d need but I’m afraid that with my other fluid pill and the hem-hem, other side effects, I’d never leave the loo! LOL! Thanks, though!


I think you’re definitely doing the right thing, @Amethyst , in waiting to try it until you have help. Asking the pharmacist is also a good idea. They’ll have more information or, if they don’t, can probably point you to someone who does. I’d hate to see you have an interaction or reaction to a tea! :heart:


Yeah, I’ll probably call my pharmacist tomorrow and ask them. Can’t hurt. Thanks, love!

Although I did save some of the tea to use as herbs for dressing a candle! LOL!


Hey, saving the tea for candle dressings is just as good as drinking the tea, in my opinion! :laughing: at least it will get used somehow!


The tea smells to high heaven so I don’t know what it’ll do when it burns. Guess I’ll find out!


@Amethyst i know most everyone has answered and im a bit late to the show. But i figured id put my two sense in.

These herbs are great for circulation … bacopa, black pepper, butcher’s broom, chickweed, ginger, gotu kola, hawthorn, maidenhair, thyme, and turmeric.


Thanks, @Mistress_Of_Herbs! I may have to look into Tumeric, it sounds like a good all-purpose herb that wouldn’t affect my meds. I use pepper already in my food. Not sure if I could stand it in a tea though.


@Amethyst with the pepper its ground up so fine u shouldnt be able to notice. Plus with turmeric there are tabs sold at local pharmacies and walmart. Its a hearty little herb. But tastes horrible and stains, just an fyi


Do you mean all these people are toting Tumeric tea and it tastes awful?! That’s so disenchanting. I thought it would taste like ginger the way some people talk about it. A little spicy but good. Sheesh.

Yep, if I do it, I’ll do it with pills. Why torture yourself?