Herbs in a jar

If i have had dried herbs stored in a jar for up to 5 years, are they ok to use in spells? Obviously not edible spells or potions. Thank you. Xx


Yep, they are still perfectly fine for spells. :smile:

The essence of the ingredient that powers the spell is this kind of intrinsic quality to the item. So unless a thing is rotten, which cannot happen to dried herbs, it should be fine. :black_heart:


Spells and ritual baths are also a good way to use up expired herbs from your kitchen. :herb: :bath:


Hi @LunarEssence!

Just want to second what starborn and Ostara said- as long as they don’t show signs of mold, then yes! Those older herbs and spices would still work wonderfully in spellwork :grinning:

Although they will be less fragrant than they once were, that doesn’t matter in things like spell jars (where everything is bottled up anyways). They can also be used in crafts or decorations!

I hope you can find some fun ways to use your dried herbs- blessed be! :herb: :sparkles:


Thank you all for your help. I thought this would be the case but was told 2 years max from someone else, so just wanted to check. Xx


I could see going two years max over the “best by” date for consumption (dried herbs don’t usually have “expiration dates”- it’s usually written as “best by” for optimal taste/freshness). But if you’re just using them for looks/their magickal properties, then I don’t see why they couldn’t still be used! Using them in spellwork or decorations is much preferred to having them end up wasted in the trash bin, after all :grinning:

Always happy to try and help :heart: :blush:

Blessed be!