Hey, remember me?

Hey everyone. Im not even sure where to begin. I have a lot of health problems going on. Most of you know i have school, work and kids. Some days i cant even get out of bed due to the pain and im not going to lie, i need help. Im seeing a specialist but not soon enough.

I do peek on here and ive been watching so many of you grow. Im in awe of you all! I may not always show up but im still here. I just havent had any energy.

Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers or even just say hi. I’m hurting and feel alone. I cant count on family. I’ve always thought of you all as family. And i need support. Thanks :green_heart:


Hunni I am sending you all the love and prayers I can.

I have been missing you and I was hoping you were ok. I knew something was amiss for you not to be about so much.

I completely understand not having the energy hun and about the pain.

I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago and even now some days it’s sheer torture and others you wouldn’t know there’s anything even remotely wrong.

So I can understand to some degree what you’re going through. My best advice is if it’s possible with mum duties listen to your body. I know sometimes it’s easier said than done. But rest when you can when you need it. Forcing yourself to do more than necessary in those moments will only make it worse.

I know @MeganB has mentioned the ‘spoon theory’ before. After she mentioned that I looked into it for myself and I have found it has helped me to manage some of the worse days.

I pray your specialist can help. I’m so sorry that you have to suffer through the wait for help.

I wish there was something that I could do to take away all the pain for you. I really do. I know what it can feel like in my scenario and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

You have my complete support hun, as much as you may want or need. Know we all love you so much and are praying for you to feel better. Xxxx :people_hugging: :heart:

A Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Golden Healer and Clear Quartz point on an Agate slice base. Sending love and get well wishes your way hun. Have lit a candle and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


I’m sending you all the love and hugs I can from here :heart: :hugs: :heart: :people_hugging: :sparkles: – do you want to be added to the Energy Exchange Circle for this month? I don’t remember if you’re already added but I’d be happy to add you!


Hey beautiful are you feeling any better? I found an article about FM, it won’t help but it will help identify with signs and symptoms.
Sending much love and healing power.


Oh, @christina4! I’m so sorry for you! I’ll keep you in my prayers at night. When do you see the Specialist?


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re hurting, @christina4! I am sending you hugs, good vibes, and light-filled energy. :hugs: :tulip: :magic_wand: :heart:


So sorry to read you are going through so much. Wishing you a speedy recovery, sending good, positive energy and intentions. Please get well soon!


Sending big hugs and healing vibes to you. :heart:


Hey! We’ve missed seeing you around the forum! Sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been going through. :cry: Sending you some healing energy.


I am very sorry to hear this, I know this disease can be very painful. I will think of you and sending you light and loving thoughts


Love you, @christina4, you have been missed! I am sorry you are in pain :disappointed_relieved: and glad you are seeing a specialist. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tonight, with crystals, of course, because I know how much you love them.


You are in my thoughts and prayers, @Christina4- I know you have so much on your plate right now and I am sorry to hear that you are struggling. That’s great news that you’ve got a specialist helping out too- I hope they can work wonders for you! :heart::people_hugging:

Sending so much love and positive energy your way- hang in there, girl! You have an amazingly strong soul. Know that you are very loved :sparkling_heart: :blush:


Awwwwwn sweetheart, am sending from my heart all the love, care and good health
Blessings to u loved one


Thatd be great @MeganB thanks so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am literally tearing up right now due to all the support from you all! I can’t thank you enough.

@jessica72 i love the crystals! Thank you for the beautiful energy!

@Garnet thank you for the link. I do have fibromyalgia and it stinks!!

@Amethyst thank you for the prayers! I see the specialist on Monday.

@BrightBear thank you for the light filled energy and love :cupid:

@eliza and @LadyFireCancer thank you both so very much!!! :two_hearts::pray:

@Kasandra you’re amazing, thank you!! Everytime i see a dragon or use my deck, i always think of you!!!

@martje yeah fibromyalgia is nit fun. Thanks dear!

@mary25 youre so sweet to pray with crystals for me :grin::gem::pray:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you beautiful soul!! I’ll take all the positive energy you’ve got!! :wink:

@amara thank you so much for the blessings!!


Of course :heart::heart::heart: I’ve got you added to the list! I hope you start to feel better soon and get some answers :pray:


@christina4, I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. I’ve been busy and haven’t been as present lately, but of course we all remember you! You are never alone, because you always have us. I am your brother and I will always support you. I am sending you love and light!


You’re welcome! And I’m glad you got in to see the doctor. I need you in my life! :hugs:


Sending positive vibes, love :two_hearts:and healing your way :candle: I miss seeing you on here. Feel better soon. :rose:


I am so sorry to hear that you are not doing well. You have been so supportive of me since day one of joining this wonderful group and it saddens me to see you in pain. I have been so busy of late that I have not had a chance to be as present as I have wanted to be but I am claiming back my time. My cousin in law deals with FM and I see how painful it can be. She tells me how lonely she feels even when surrounded by friends and family because we can’t really grasp what pain she’s in, and it is true. All we can do is support you in the way you need us to. I am sending positive energy your way and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.