Hi everyone I’m back

I been doin school and busy since I opened an Etsy shop but I have a question. I was meditating and out of no where it started raining hard and there was no chance of rain on the weather any ideas what that can mean?


It could be a few different things. I tend to go with the mundane before looking into the magickal (just the way my brain works, tbh) – when I lived in Oregon, the weather was constantly unpredictable. Even the weather radar didn’t pick everything up. There was one time when I was sitting in my office at work and it started snowing hard yet the weather radar was absolutely clear!

Outside of mundane occurrences, someone could have been influencing the weather :rainbow: or maybe you made it rain lol There’s really no way of knowing for sure, honestly.


Raindrops are a breath of fertile life to the plants, trees, grass, animals, humans, etc.

Symbolically or metaphysically, rain can be an outpouring of spirit that constantly refreshes and enriches developing life and thought.

Rain is usually a good sign! :+1: Welcome back, Vanessa! :sparkles: