Hi everyone! (new baby witch)

I’ve decided this lovely coven is my type of area I’d like to stay around for!! I’ve started practicing over the summer and I tend to lean more towards an Eclectic witch myself. Growing up I was always told in a strict religious household that all witches are considered “evil” or “demonic” and of course that far from the truth! I’m excited to meet you all more and bear with me I’m still getting used to this whole thing. I’ve attached a couple pictures of my Hecate altar (still in the works) and my go to everyday altar. <3


@monica Hello and welcome I’m Tracy from England. Your altar is gorgeous. I follow Loki and am perhaps a chaos witch (or chaotic may be a better description :joy:). Make yourself at home Lovely :sparkling_heart:


Hi, @monica! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I’m glad you found us. I’m an Eclectic Wiccan myself. I like candle magic and chants myself. Your altar is beautiful!

Have you found the Courses here yet? They’re wonderful! And if you have any problems or questions you can always ask on the forum and someone will help you! I look forward to getting to know you!


I haven’t quite gotten to the lessons with life being chaotic for me as it is, however this winter I’ll dedicate more time to it for sure. Sounds you’re close to me! (ish?). I live in central KY area :blush: At some point I’ll more than likely ask several questions, there’s a lot of information to remember in this realm, thank you!!!


@monica Merry meet! Welcome to the coven :infinite_roots:
I’ve found a family here as well as a safe space. This is the only place i can truly share my burdens and feel loved and supported! I hope you find that here as well!:people_hugging::heart::blush:


Hello :hugs: and Welcome Home :infinite_roots: @monica

It’s so nice to meet you, Monica, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. I grew up as a Christian and was told the same things about witches. Your altar looks beautiful! If you have any questions, let us know. Welcome to the family! :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Welcome, @monica! It’s lovely to meet you. :black_heart:

I’m Katerina, from Australia. :smile: I walk the left-hand path of witchy goodness and have a huge space in my heart dedicated to Hekate and Lilith (and Lucifer and all his demons). :hekate_wheel: :black_moon_lilith:

Your Hekate and everyday altars look amazing, by the way! I love her statue. :black_heart:


Welcome! Glad you’ve found us! Everyone I’ve encountered here has been so friendly and supportive and I think you’ll find a really great witchy home here. Many blessings❣️


Welcome dear one!

We are so glad you’re here and your altar is lovely! May it serve you well!


Take your time with the courses, it’s all good! I live near the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County. We’re having Bridge Day this Saturday where idiots from all over the world come to jump off the Bridge. LOL!


They do WHAT? :joy:

My fear of heights wouldn’t let me anywhere near the edge! :joy:


that’s hilarious I didn’t know they did that :rofl:I recently visited over Labor Day weekend and did my first white water rafting experience on those rapids on the same river!! And I wish I can respond to everyone but I like you all so much already and thank you, I feel very welcome and blessed!!! :sun_with_face::blossom:


Hey, welcome.
I’m Eva, really nice to meet you :sparkles:
Your Altar look amazing :star_struck:. I specifically like the wooden jar, I wish I had one of those, or many more for my spices and herbs.

Feel like home and enjoy yourself :smiling_face:


Jump off the bridge with parachutes. And bungee jump and rappel too. I think you can even walk under the bridge.

It’s on the on of the main highways around these parts so they close down the road and oodles of people come to watch people jump. It’s wild.

I hope you had fun! That’s another sport you wouldn’t get me near. LOL!


I remember trying to persuade my mum to parachute jump out of a plane, she said, “dear why would anyone jump out of a plane that is going to land in 10 minutes” :rofl:, still haven’t done it, noone will do it with me. :grin:


I’m with your Mum. That looks scary!


Hello! I am Stavroula from Greece. Growing up I heard the same thing about all things non christian, but that made me curious to find out more about them :sweat_smile: Welcome to the coven! :pink_heart:


Hello @monica,

Welcome! I’m Bry, another one of the moderators here in the forum and a fellow Eclectic Witch. It’s a pleasure to meet you :blush:

So beautiful! Your altars are both really lovely- I love all the fun treasures you’ve collected :sparkles:

Thank you for sharing your introduction and altars! Make yourself at home here, Monica- blessed be!


Hello @monica :wave: Welcome to the forum!

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

I’m also an eclectic witch, though I didn’t have nearly as strict an upbringing as you did. My path follows a very Celtic-centered practice. I usually work with Brigid, though she has stepped back a bit in the last year or so to make room for other things in my practice. You’re not the only witch here that works with Hecate, that’s for sure! There are plenty of Hekatean witches :blush: Please feel free to make yourself at home!


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