Hi from new England

Hi, my name is jackielynn. I have been tinkering with the site, for a few weeks now. I have found a lot of helpful information, and especially thankful for the printable pages, they have been very helpful to keep track of everything, I am not very tech savvy, but I am thankful to have people to talk to, thank you have a great day

I was raised, with a mixture of probably too much, lol, especially for the age I was. I was baptized, the only child from my family to be baptized, not sure why, but I grew up pretty active in church, and youth groups, but, I also grew up going to Indian reservations and attending pow wows, which are some of my favorite memories, I am Cherokee, from both my mom and dad’s side. I often would spend a lot of my summers in Massachusetts, with my uncle and his wife. We frequently went to Salem, and my aunt, myself my younger sister, and my twin cousins, we are all around the same age, we were very young when she began to introduce a different path from what I had known.

I remember, a lot about what we were doing or trying to do, but I was very young. Not even a teenager, these memories were not really thought about, for so many years. It oddly has felt like those memories were not present, until one day, and I am not sure why this would happen. I have always been, very intuitive I guess I would call it, very in touch with nature and respecting anything living, I feel like I am so new to this craft, but oddly, I feel like I have always been a part of it, it’s just been more present and things changing, kind of way too quickly for me.

Others may know more than I do, about how this would have happened, I don’t know how I could forget so much of my life and memories, for so long, and then just snap out of it, and begin to remember it.

The timing is odd, I don’t follow social media much nor did I know much about the increase in the amount of people who were coming to recognize themselves, as a witch, learning about it, and becoming more aware of my growing up, the timing I found very odd. This path, was not a path I was looking into, to be completely honest. I did not have any interest, until I remembered so much.

I probably sound insane and it’s been very odd to experience. I am still trying to work out the kinks to try to learn exactly what I recognize myself as, I am happy to answer any questions that may help me to learn exactly what is going on. I started noticing things that I had never noticed before, over a year ago, I moved into a new building and it was a game changer, in many aspects and it’s been too much, to try to explain.

I would love to find someone who could guide me, and try to help me navigate this, one on one is much easier for me, I just need to find the right person I guess. This path, as I have said, wasn’t a path I saw, until I saw, and it is very apparent that it’s the path I am going.

If you can make sense of any of that, please do


HI @jackielynn! Nice to meet you. I’m Kasie, from West Virginia. If you’re looking for guidance, feel free to ask questions here. I would also recommend going through the Wicca Self-Initiation videos. That will give you a good idea if this path that you’re on is the right path for you.

Also research. Research is your best friend when it comes to magic because no two people are the same so their practices won’t be the same.

Anyhoo, welcome to the group. We’re a pretty fun bunch who will answer any question you have.


I’m no expert, but I would just take it as you’re remembering these things because now is the time you need to remember these things – if that makes sense. You’ve been lucky to stumble upon spells8, as I’ve come to learn a lot about myself, along with the path I’m also taking. It just feels right, so I dove in and haven’t had any second thoughts. With that said, welcome to the family & I hope you find what you’re looking for! :black_heart:


Welcome to the Forum, Jackielynn!! :wave: :grin:

Thanks for this wonderful introduction! I think you’ll fit right in here! :+1:

As you might have realized by now, this path takes a lot of time, effort, dedication, willpower, and most of all, studying!

Like Kasie mentioned, start with the basics and research a lot. You do not need to be religious in any way to practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is a skill.

Regarding Wicca, remember this: All Wiccans are witches, but not all witches are Wiccan. You don’t need to identify as Wiccan but it’s a good foundation to have, especially if you’re a beginner, since Wicca influenced so many other modern paths.

Feel free to browse the forum and comment on any topic that interests you. If you have any questions, you can ask anything or share a topic you’re interested in!

Visit the Spell Collections page to find a lot of useful recipes. And follow the guided meditations on the Witches Homework Page in your free time!


Hello, and a very warm welcome to you @jackielynn! :heart:

Although I’m currently over in Europe, I call New England home too! And I also absolutely love Salem and all it’s fascinating aspects :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Reading through your story, it sounds to me like you are learning to listen to the magick inside of you. It has been there all along, but now it is slowly making itself known to you and you are chosing to listen. I am so glad you found your way here- we are blessed to have you join us! :two_hearts:

Like others have mentioned, research and learning will be your stepping stones as you continue to discover yourself and your calling. Learn as much as you can! The Complete Courses and Spells8 YouTube Channel have a wide array of topics- follow your interests and see where they lead you :+1:

Anytime you have questions, thoughts, or find something interesting you’d like to share- feel free to jump in on or create a new topic here in the forums. Just like you, we are all also learning and discovering our own magickal paths! :sparkles:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait to talk with you more soon- Blessed be, Jackielynn! :sparkling_heart:


Hi I am learning how to respond sorry I am late, I have a very hard time, learning, and there’s so much to learn. I do much better, with someone who can talk to me lol I wish I was more tech savvy but I am not. I am looking to see, basically, what I essentially need to begin with. I feel like I am doing ok with a lot and I print out a lot of information from this site, I really appreciate it, I just am very overwhelmed. I am trying to learn to meditate, but I actually have narcolepsy and this is extremely challenging to try to navigate, I am open to suggestions, sitting for a long time or, sometimes only a little while, I fall asleep, I don’t really drive or do much sitting so this is all very hard!! I find that I can do this, easier outdoors, I am outside as much as possible, but I don’t live in a place where I have privacy and my neighbors probably already think that something is off w me lol

Consistency with people is very helpful for me, I wish I could find people local but no luck so far


Thank you so much, it is nice to find a place to say things and not be taken as insane. I have really enjoyed seeing the bonds that are being established and people who are accepting and recognizing, often, more than I am.

But, when people say things, it helps because as much as I have tried to brush things aside, I have always just felt a little different from most people.
There is just so much that I want to read and learn it’s hard to just start with one thing.

I am really working on meditation this is a huge downfall for me, I have been doing well in other areas, I enjoy learning about tarot, but I am taking everything very slowly and I have bought books to learn, grounding was something that I had a hard time with, but each day I feel like I am getting better at it.

I am sure many people can relate, I just want to save everyone and everything, and I put myself in the back of the line and I know that this is not healthy, I appreciate your kind words and I am happy to be here, w you all


I do not recognize myself as religious, it was more, to try to explain why this has probably been challenging for me to accept, I have had a lot of different things, put in my life, that it’s been challenging to know exactly where I was supposed to be

I never really conform to much, I enjoy a lot of the native American background, which I notice similarities sometimes as I learn and read.

I have a few books, and I feel it’s so impressive how far people come, and I quickly learned that this path like most, I will never be done learning and growing with.

I find so many things, so, almost, like home I guess I would call it, I feel like finally there is a world where I kinda make sense.

Tysm for your kind words and I am very open to suggestions and opinions, right now, we, like so many, are dealing with drought and it’s becoming dangerous.

Is there something an easy spell or something I can do, to try to help us, and so many people?

I don’t want to jump the gun, but we have been having fires more and more and no rain in the forecast.


I have been watching videos and I appreciate your help, I feel like learning will be forever and that’s exciting but a bit overwhelming lol.

Everything is so interesting, but I am taking things very slowly or trying to!


It’s funny you mention Salem I was actually trying to navigate a trip back there, the beginning of the month. I need to look back at my conversations with my family, but I recently learned that somewhere in my bloodline, I am somehow related to Rebecca nurse, my family, some, have done ancestry DNA test and family trees, and I only learned about this a little while ago.

I remember going to Salem when I was young and I really wish to make a trip before flu season really gets going. But I really it was such an interesting place and so much to see and take in. My aunt and uncle, sell things at a few shops there, or they did last I knew.

I decided a few years ago that I needed to love my family, but have space, I wish I could be closer to my aunt especially right now, but I feel like that journey will come later


You’re welcome for the help! @Francisco puts together the videos and they’re wonderful. And you’ll always be learning, even if it’s a new word a day or something. It’s sad when you don’t go a day without learning something new.

Take your time, no one is on a clock around here. There’s plenty of stuff to work with, you’re not going to run out.

Hope everything is going well with you today!


@jackielynn, most welcomed to the forum. How great to have Cherokee on both sides. I have always respected American Indian tribes, traditions and religion. Love to go to a Pow- Wow someday. The respect that your ancestors have towards Mother earth is truly astonishing. The spirit of the lands is much to be acknowledged and revered.


Hi @jackielynn! Welcome!
It’s great to have you here! :heart:
I absolutely know how you feel - there are just so many different topics and branches of Witchcraft it can feel very overwhelming! But as the others have said, it’s best to start with the basics… and continue your research where your mind/heart/spirit lead you!

With regards to this:

I’ve found this spell in a book I read this week 📖 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Books, Tomes, and Tales - #18 by Limeberry - I hope it’s helpful :heart: :cloud_with_rain:


You aren’t alone, @jackielynn! Meditating has a host of benefits, but it can be quite tricky- especially at first! Here are some very helpful guides with information (and lots of reassurance!) that may be what you need to help your meditation practice:

My personal favorite are the Guided Tea Meditations :coffee: Sometimes it helps a lot to have something (like a warm cup of tea) to anchor your mind into the moment.

I know navigating a new site has a big learning curve! To help you feel more confident using the forums, there is a step-by-step training tutorial you can do:

-Click on your avatar (picture) in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
-Click on the envelope :email: (it is the 3rd icon!)
-Find the message from discobot called “Greetings”.

Discobot will walk you through the main functions of the site- it is actually a very fun tutorial! :blush:

From your words I can tell you have a very kind heart, @jackielynn! :heart: I hope you have been making yourself at home here in the forums- please reach out if you have any questions!

Blessed be :sparkling_heart:

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It has been an amazing lifestyle to see, and to learn more and more, I miss going to pow wows, covid has cancelled so many things and pow wows, are harder and harder to even find, it’s really sad.

A lot my favorite memories was in teepees and never having shoes on lol, I wear shoes but I prefer not to!! Nature is so important, I had a deer, that came so close to me the other night, I don’t know if it knew I was there, but amazing and relaxing to just watch them.


That’s amazing!! I can only imagine the memories.Yeah sad! Covid has changed so many things! That’s why NOW, being grounded spiritually is so important. I’m sure the deer knew you were there.