Hi I'm a newbie

Hi everyone, I’m new here and excited to be a part of this group. I am a 64yr Young Great-grandma, I live in Derbyshire UK.
At present I am fighting bladder cancer, I have had chemo and radiotherapy, now awaiting tests to see if anymore can be done so I am filling my time with things that make me feel Good and this is the place I’m enjoying most x


Welcome. Hope it gets better for you.


Welcome! This place is all kinds of wonderful, isn’t it? I’m glad you found your way here and Inlook forward to seeing you around the forum!


It is a fun place to look around. Folks seem very nice and helpful.


Hello, @ColletteMary. Welcome! I am fairly new myself. I wanted to share what I have discovered and makes me happy.

What are you drawn to? We can offer personalized suggestions for what intrigues you and makes you happy.


Hi @ColletteMary! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia over here in the States. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I’m so sorry to hear you’re fighting cancer. That’s a tough thing to beat but it sounds like you’re doing well. If you want, you can add your name to the Energy Exchange Circle where we do requests for energy and good vibes for healing. That may help you out.

Have you found the Courses yet? They’re a great way to get started here on the forum, even if you’ve gone over the information before.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up and help you out. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Welcome! There are a few others here who are also actively working against a cancer in their body, myself included. You’ll find a wonderful energy here that makes it feel smaller than most other topics in life will!

I hope you find welcome, wonder, comfort, and hope here, and everywhere else you find yourself!


Merry meet and welcome home @ColletteMary :infinite_roots:

I am Marsha, an eclectic solitary witch, and I am also a great-grandmother :hugs: I live in Colorado. It’s lovely to meet you.

I am glad you are taking the time to enjoy the things that make you feel good! And I’m looking forward to getting to know you a little better.

With love :heart: & magick :dizzy: always


A very healing and happy welcome to you @ColletteMary! I too am in the midst of battling cancer and would be happy to add you to the magical healing rituals I do each day - there are a few here who also have cancer. Cancer is not a sorority we pledged but we get hazed nonetheless and we find ourselves held together very often by strangers in this sorority that we could not even fathom being without. Light and love x


Your post struck home for many of us and we are united against this insidious disease.
Stay positive, dear one. Nothing is impossible and I am sending you positive healing
vibes and will remember you in my daily devotions.
There is much love here and it is for you!
Remember this…Life may be short, but YOU are forever.
Blessed be, stay positive and know you are loved.

Sweet, sweet girl, I had no idea you were challenged with cancer. 
I had a complete hysterectomy about 12 years ago, yep uterine cancer.
I had a positive PAP test, which panicked my *new* doctor a the time. 
She sent me to an oncologist, who repeated the PAP and she said I had cancer.
The spot she found was half a centimeter in size. She told me that she got it
 all and took the ovaries because they looked questionable. 
After 10 years I'm considered a clinical cure.
In my prayers and devotions, I will pray for good health for you.
Blessed be, stay positive and know you are loved.

All love and healing energy come from my heart to yours.
Blessed be, stay positive and know you are loved.

Kasie, please add these amazing ladies to your [Energy Exchange Circle ] because
my heart is demanding I ask for these valiant Women in their struggle. 
I'm asking because some are uncomfortable asking for themselves.
You are a wonder to us all (I'm getting teary just saying that.)
In my  devotions, I  celebrate that you came into our lives.
Blessed be, stay positive and know **you are loved.**


Welcome, @ColletteMary I hope you find comfort in the forum & throughout the site. I am Siofra from Cape Cod.

I have added you to the Energy Exchange Circle for July & it will continue through August. I hope you have a smooth treatment process with no real setbacks & the strength to keep moving in a positive manner. :revolving_hearts:

If you have any questions free to ask & someone will get back to you & try to help you out & get you pointed in the right direction! :infinite_roots:


Hi Amethyst,
Yes I have found the courses and am working my way through them, I am really enjoying soaking up all the information x


I think they’ve been added, but @MeganB is running the show right now. But I’ve added them to my personal prayer list. Cancer is a tough thing to beat and you ladies rock at fighting it!


@ColletteMary, @Garnet, & @Amethyst - this has been added to the Energy Exchange for July through August when the new one starts for the month :revolving_hearts: :infinite_roots:


Thanks, love!


Merry meet @ColletteMary,

I can see your request was added to the Energy Exchange Circle- I am cheering you on in your fight against cancer and am sending lots of love and positive energy your way! :heart::candle:

That is wonderful to hear that you are enjoying the forum so far, please make yourself at home here! :blush: There are always activities running and plenty of fun happenings- please explore around and feel free to jump into anything that calls to you. If you have any questions, feel free to use the Q&A Category! :infinite_roots:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hey Garnet, some of these people are already added. However, I’m not going to make a habit of putting people on the list unless they request it. Not everyone is open to energy being sent their way and I would like to respect their consent and boundaries.