Hi I'm Nikki from New Brunswick, Canada!

Study and learn! Amazing to finally know what I am!
I’ve spent my life searching for something or anything to believe in…questions, questions, questions and rarely any answers that I could buy in to…I grew up in a forest, by a river in a beautiful small province in Canada and have a real connection to the earth and the sky and have always been soothed by the moonlight and mesmerized by the stars. I had an awakening during the strictest part of the covid quarantine… my house became a place where spirits were evident. I could not believe what was happening at first; it was completely surreal. I had several spirits and all of a sudden I knew they were there. Three different mediums, told me that I was a powerful medium myself and that I was a 'spirit magnet", but that I hold myself back from fear. I was shocked to hear that about myself. And It’s true. It does scare me and I have never tried to connect since learning that about myself… but I’m learning meditation and researching! I only once before had a paranormal experience over 20 yrs ago…not even a glimmer or an inkling until this started around the middle of April. I am now 100% believer in a life beyond the one at hand, and everything about who I am just fell into place.


Merry Meet, Nicole!! Welcome to the Forum!! :raised_hands:

What a great introduction! You’re living proof that Covid is not all negative after all! :grin:

I enjoyed reading your story and I’d like to encourage you to keep researching! The more we know, the less we fear! :open_book:

Your space looks lovely! What’s that pineapple box from?


Thank you so much Francisco! I am absolutely full of gratitude for the discovery of this cite and community within!
My quarantine/spirit experience was very challenging because we were scared and didn’t know how to handle it, but it also has set into motion so many positive changes for me that I am glad it happened. I still have one, (maybe more, not sure) spirit hanging around btw; and I’m not sure of any details of whom it is the spirit of, but we live in peace together for now!
The little pineapple box is from our dollar store here. I keep some of my crystals in there. They have the cutest things these days!


A very warm welcome to you, @nicole10! :heart:

What an exciting occurrence! I am glad that the hard days of quarantine are behind you, and that even in that darkness you were able to experience such a wonderful revelation- and now here you are, like a phoenix rising to begin a fresh new start! :fire::blush:

I most certainly don’t blame you! I would be scared too, to come into contact with spirits in my home. I think meditating and doing research are great places to begin, and hopefully, with time and experience, the fear will turn into confidence! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I see a Daily Card Journal on your deck- do you do tarot card cards by any chance? :flower_playing_cards: :star_struck: If so, do you have a favorite deck you like to use?

It is a pleasure to meet you, and please know that you are very welcome here in our online coven! :two_hearts: Any time you have thoughts, experiences, questions, or things on your mind- please don’t hesitate to jump into a topic or create a new one :blush:. We all have so much we can learn from each other! :open_book::sparkles:

I can’t wait to talk with you more- Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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Welcome @nicole10! :bouquet:

That was an awesome introduction! Looking forward to hearing more from you! :blush:

By the way, the place you grew up sounds like an absolute DREAM :evergreen_tree: I could literally smell the forest, feel the moonlight on my skin and hear the river :ocean: whilst reading your post.

Beautiful :relieved::milky_way:


Welcome! @nicole10 love to have you here in our little corner of the world! So much to learn, so many good people to meet! and a happy place to be! Again Welcome! Blessed Be!

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Thanks for the Phoenix rising from the ashes comparison; it seems like I do feel like that right now Brianna! Lot’s of healing and learning to do, but hey that’s why we are here on this Earth right now I think!

My favorite deck lately is this Gilded Reverie Lenormand. The cards are so beautiful and they are like magic :wink: in my hand.
Ive been using the Moonology Oracle deck for a daily pull. The moon always has good advice


It is beautiful place and I was lucky to have grown up there! Hoping to head back to the river soon!
Thank you for the warm welcome!


Thank you so much! I feel happy about this forum!


Ohhhhh the deck is GORGEOUS!!! :heart_eyes: I’m looking at pictures of each of the cards, and wow- each one is so vibrant and detailed I feel like an entire story has been written into each of the illustrations :open_book::two_hearts:

Your optimism is inspirational- and yes, I totally agree! Healing, learning, and many good things to come! :sparkling_heart:

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