Hi, just an older gal new to witchcraft

Hi, I am a 49 yo new Celtic Pagan Witch. I am worshiping Brigid and Belenus. Only my husband knows of my faith, but he is just letting me be me. I am learning to not allow other to dictate my belief. I have a long journey and know there will be potholes, closed roads, and surprises up ahead. And even though I will have days of doubt, I am willing and ready to partake on this path.


Hi there @flowing! I think I’ve seen you around. I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

Don’t forget the Group Ritual tomorrow! Even if you can’t do it live on Zoom they’re great fun, and you can catch up with everyone’s week down in the comment section.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will come by and help you out. I look forward to chatting with you more!


Yes,:grin: BTW, what part of Southern WV? My father was born in Princeton, WV. I am pretty much related to the Halls’ and Taylors’ from Princeton and Bluefield.


Oak Hill, just north of Beckley! Princeton is about forty-five minutes from here on the interstate. Small world, isn’t it?


Welcome! So glad you are here.


HI Flowing :slight_smile:


Merry meet @flowing :blush:

Thanks for sharing your lovely introduction- welcome to the forum! I think it is wonderful that your husband is understanding of your beliefs, and rest assured that you are in very friendly company here. This is a place where you can embrace your spiritual path to the fullest among like-minded magick-loving folks :infinite_roots: Please make yourself at home here! :heart:

I love how you worded this- it is very true that there are many bumps in the road of life! But for every down, I hope there is a much greater up for you and that your path is one that brings you much delight and happiness :blush:

If you have any questions, please do feel free to reach out! The Q&A Category is the place to go to discuss witchy questions and Site Feedback is the go-to for inquiries of a technical/site-based nature. You have many friendly fellow coven members here, so don’t be shy! :two_hearts:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon, Flowing- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Welcome. Every journey starts the same one foot in front of the other. yes, there will be potholes, closed roads, and such but remember potholes can be filled and most closed roads will open at some point. You already filled one pothole by finding a community to assist you like AAA.


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