Homemade Magical Tools

So things being what they are, I don’t have the budget right now to buy all the cool stuff I want. A very consistent message here has been “work with what you have.” So this is the first stage of my wand.

That is a solid piece of juniper. It kind of looks like a bony finger! The juniper comes from the juniper in front of my house that I recently had to cut back because it was taking over the entryway (thank you, but not quite that much protection, dear). In fact, I have enough that I might make more than one.

This is my first pendulum. Now I know it isn’t as pretty as the other girls, but that is an honest to Goddess (:wink:) river stone, plucked from the Shenandoah river by my own hand. I wrapped it in wire (floral wire left behind by Ex?) and attached it to a silver chain that came with my Tree of Life pendant (pretty, but too girly for me, no offense intended). Cleansed and blessed. It should work well for me to learn.

Tried to make a pentacle out of a wood disk, but it broke :confused: can’t have everything. I’ll try again later. Hey, you know, this is kinda fun!


I think they look beautiful. Well done :+1:.


I can make you a wood disc pentacle. Mine that I use on the mini altar is a red cedar disc.

and if you just wanna go the homemade diy feel (I try to make as many of my altar tools as possible because I feel a stronger bond is formed when you make your own) you could use an old pickle jar lid coasters the possibilities are endless. The main altar I have in my bedroom has a pentacle repurposed from a glass canister top that broke off when I was moving so I painted it and turned it into my pentacle.


They look fabulous.

I’m a big fan of homemade tools and so far I’ve made a staff and besom, both with sticks found in my local woods (with the addition of birch twigs bought from Etsy from an ethical spurce)

Before and after of the staff…


The homemade tools are more effective and add a personal touch! I love that you used what you have to help you further your knowledge of divination.
I’m more connected to my divination work now more than ever! I’m more in tune with it all. I’ve always done it but I’m more connected I guess.


I had to share my treasure I came across last night. This was in the back of my pj drawer. Forgot I had it. This was my dad’s “whittlin’ stick” :joy:
He passed away in 2012 and I held on it it for whatever reason. Well now I know the reason. I used it last night for my rituals, and of course I cried.
Any suggestions on how I can decorate it?


Wow, I really like the organic look of your besom and staff!

This link has some pictures that may give you some ideas about what others have done with wands. There’s also a cool time lapse video of a wand being made from a stick, and there are some examples of wands in the beginning that look cool. The end result of the video does not look like them though.

She’s using carving tools - I used a Dremel with a sanding attachment! You might be into feathers and yarn, but I don’t think I will go that way. I think I will try to carve some designs, likely Celtic, and maybe attach a crystal with some wire or leather. It’s very much a work in progress. Whatever you decide will be right for you. You might also search the internet for wand ideas. Just make sure your settings are on ‘safe,’ or you might get images of a diferent kind of ‘tool.’

Maybe others will post pictures of their wands to give you some ideas! Hint…:smiley::smiley:


@Peaches that is so great you found a wand. I’m sure it will serve you well. I’m so glad you can use something from your dad, that is an amazing gift to have. I think whatever decorations you choose will be perfect


Check this out! Instead of carving you can use glue or clay to build up instead of carving to take away.


@anon87969570 these look great, especially your wand! Very witchy!


Here’s my finished (for the moment) product, I’m quite pleased. Purple ribbon and butterfly to symbolize royalty, strength, power and transformation. Butterflies are the symbol for fibromyalgia as is the color purple so meaningful for me all around. Little bit of Swarovski crystals and glitter because, well I’m a girlie girl and it reminds me to sparkle everywhere I go. I plan on getting some amethyst chips to add to it as well in the near future


@Peaches it looks beautiful. I hope it serves you very well


Thank you :blush:


Your very welcome :blush:


That looks wonderful! I like the butterfly!


Thank you! My craft box called.my name and I used what spoke to me. I’m going to be such a glitter witch :joy:


It’s beautiful! I am certain you will craft some powerful magic especially since your dad essentially “made” your first wand for you. And the craft box helped you take the ancestoral magic and make it your own. Thats going to be handy for spells relating to creating lasting bonds such as friendships etc. Congratulations


:blush: thank you :revolving_hearts:


Wow, check the vibrant new hair color!


I gotta switch it up from time to time @anon87969570 lol it was BRIGHT purple and then blonde and now red. I’m thinking about green or blue on the next round