Honoring The Full Moon - 2021

I wrote this in November just before the Full Moon. Tonight’s moon, and the feelings around the day and evening, were similar to November’s and it reminded me of this post. I edited it slightly to be in line with the full moon we are experiencing today.

Climbing into the darkening rainbow colors lining the circle of the horizon, My Lady reminds me of the peace and tranquility only she can provide. The :full_moon: in a crystal clear sky brings me rest while real and imagined chaos thunderstorms around me. As the :sunny: goes down on what was a blessed day overall, I weep with thankfulness for the other bright light given to guide my steps through the promising night.

A second time, heartfelt tears flood my eyes. As I marvel at her majestic ascension, friends and family across the eastern edge of the country can gaze upon her at the same time. No matter where we are along our individual paths or what physical location we may find ourselves in, we have a mirror, a reflection, a connection to the divine and to each other when we look to the heavens tonight.

As I contemplate all of this, the atmosphere changes from its royal purples into a deep, enchanting sea of black. I love my Goddess. And with this powerful realization comes a third and final wave of emotion: I love you, my friends, my family, my past and future relationships of all kinds. We are never alone because we were created for each other and to enjoy these moments.


This is beautiful @praecog29 I can tell you put alot of emotion into it. It does fit for this fill moon. We love you too


Wonderful writing and I love the feelings you put into it. Great job. I hope you have a great day & get to enjoy the full moon tonight.


Very Beautifully Written.


Very beautiful and relatable writing @praecog29 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I remember watching the moon from my bedroom window in November and October, having turned off the lights, sitting on the floor against my bed and drinking warm punch, charging my selenite with her gentle rays :blush: I became familiar with her path across the night sky, and felt an intimate connection with my Goddess and her calm, loving energy :white_heart:

With December came a full impenetrable cloud ceiling though… keeping away the biting frost, but also obscuring the lovely night sky :slightly_frowning_face: So I’ve only been able to follow the moon phases from calendars and apps, creating quite a bit of distance. I’ve been seeing a lot of 222 and 2222 the whole time in between though, so that and all of you lovely moon witches here are keeping my spirits high :relaxed:


I loved this as much as I love the Moon! Such a moving recollection of a memory, and I loved the ending of it.

Thanks for sharing, Benjamin!


Beautiful words dear sir. That’s one thing I really miss about where I used to live, I could lay in bed and look out the window and see the Moon.


This was beautiful, I have had so much pain in the year 2020. the loss of my mom still fresh and three more in my life, I have been betrayed at my job from a co-worker who i trained and build to be the best, I have had the pain of a lover and friends to where I gave up and lost the strength to fight until today 1/28/2021. I can not take this anymore I have to stand up and fight and be the leader I use to be that people looked up to because I fought for them. I am an Empress who has nurture Queens and Princess to rule(Phrase). Its time to stand up to those who want to hurt me and let them know I am a team player and I come to build us as one unity to make a difference in the world for someone. I truly loved what you wrote it gave me streghth to fight.


I am sorry for your losses and the betrayal you faced. We can all face times of immense stress and terrible pain. It’s easy to give up. I did that. My Goddess is one reason I am still here. A new best friend(someone I never thought I would be friends with but stepped up at just the right time), this coven, and a team of healthcare professionals round out the other reasons.

We are not alone. You are not alone.


Absolutely stunning, @praecog29 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is more than a beautiful devotional to the moon- it reads and flows like a story. You really have a way with words that invites the reader warmly into your world- it is a pleasure to experience :full_moon: :pray: Wishing you a very happy and blessed full moon!

A warm welcome to you, @andrea18- I am sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been suffering from since last year. Sending love and light to you on your quest to stand up for yourself and reclaim your life. You are clearly a very strong Emperess- I love your positivity and determination! I truly hope this year will be a better year for you :pray::two_hearts:


Welcome, @andrea18! I’m so sorry you’ve had such a difficult time at work. But don’t give up, if you’re down it’s just easier for them to walk all over you. Stand strong, you can do it! You have people who believe in you. :hugs: